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Idea For Viewing Your Ships.

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I have an idea that would be a VERY nice feature to have.  It would be nice to have a view on the bridge, but not it rather "going up and just zoom in". you can look around without your guns moving, With a key Press down or just disabled in the settings. You will be able to see the front of your ship,(or behind your ship depending on were your bridge is) you can look up and down left, but with out "leaving the ship",and when you DO fire at a target, fully zoomed out you can see the shots going towards there ship with the effects of the "fire bloom", They could also add some of the new ( world of tanks 1.0.1 updates) effects such as ( better fire bloom, a shock wave,( water depression when firing higher caliber guns), a longer time for all the smoke to be removed from the barrels, post after effects) of course these effects would cause more fps drops and more space on the computer, and with that i believe i have a idea to fix it,what they could do is put the extra effects and view points onto the ULTRA graphical version, and not the HIGH version, so lower end computers can still have the same performance without hurting the weaker side of computers.. (NOTE: my computer is weak, i am not saying everyone runs on a potato, and everyone SHOULD be playing with a 800+ dollar computer, some people may just use the intergareted graphics on there computer and VERY limited space and they would like to see what this game has to offer before trying to get more space and buying a new graphics card "if needed") also with the extra effects they would need add at the maximum two new controls (go to the bridge, also be count as leaving also) and ( lock the guns, and also unlock). these settings can be changed with a new bars ( in graphics settings ) area of the menu. if you do already have the ultra version and you don't want to waste your extra fps and buttons, you can simply turn it off with a check mark in the settings tab. If they do add it in it could be between 200mb through 1.7gb of new items you will have to download. also in the bridge you can see your HEALTH an MINI-Map And A What speed you are going...


i know this does sound one of the stupidest things you ever heard... i understand that. and if does not make sense i also understand that... just please consider it..


i try to show were it would be at in the atago... failed due to the camera controls

World of Warships 5_13_2018 4_10_14 PM.png

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