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Video: Prinz Eugen Ranked Battle

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My First World of Warships video! Hope you guys enjoy, and feel free to leave criticism.

Be sure to at least skip to the ending its pretty intense. 

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Kinda hurts to watch your team actively throw what should have effectively been a won match the moment they lost their only DD. Even with your afk BB, it was such a good opening that went to waste when unnecessary aggression by your teammates fed into deaths 1 by 1.

Your team DD took way too long to cap C, and somehow got himself killed despite no radar cruiser present.

Of course some of the enemy ships played terrible just as well. That enemy Atago performance at the very end was abysmal to watch. Opening up broadside to a German CA of all ships to launch torps it could easily kill with a few HE salvos. 

Overall your performance is definitely better than average. Ammo choice could improve at times but there is a conscious effort at it.

Your initial aggressive stance at C was solid, but I don’t understand why after the enemy DD died, you pushed actively into the cap without trying to maintain stealth. All you did was fire AP shots at long range targets with little effect and ended up taking massive unnecessary damage when you could have potentially capped C with the enemy’s poor position and remain unspotted.

Definitely questionable showing that full broadside retreat to a weaker position in the back where you had little impact for a good while when you gave up C. 

Can’t really read the chat too well, but I basically saw little to no attempt of at least requesting your DD to secure C when you initiated the push on your own. This is a team game, so at least let people know of your intentions so they can decide if they want to back you up.


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