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Montana Captain Build Opinions

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So I play on NA Server and I just got my Montana, only 30 battles with it so far. I'm in the process of building up my captain and I'd like to hear some feedback. So far I have preventative maintenance, adrenaline rush, basics of survivability, and concealment expert. My intention is to go with fire prevention, superintendent, and high alert as my remaining 9 points as I earn them. Looking for a stealthy-ish survival build. I've had only two matches so far with CVs so AA build beyond the AA module/upgrade slot I chose seems mostly a waste to me. This build seems like it will mitigate damage and help keep me in the game longer and healthier. Does this seem a good plan or do experienced Montana users feel I'm making a mistake? I would appreciate any comments or criticisms from those who e spent time with the ship. Thanks!

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This is my personal build that I found to work well. Preventative maintenance, high alert, basic fire training, superintendent, Adv fire training, and conceal expert. Though with the lack of CV's You could scrap basic fire training for basic Survivability.  Other than that I also use it as a stealthy fast BB. Wait for targets to present broadsides, and those who are bow tanking I typically shoot HE at them and watch as they stack 2-3 fires.

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Superintendent and Fire Prevention are a good shout I think but maybe consider adding Priority Target or Expert Loader rather than preventative maintenance. Think overall it would be more useful 

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