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Abruzzi AP is nasty!

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Well I don't care what anybody says. I bought it. I like it. I like it's play style. I find it versatile. I am usually the last cruiser. I do better than in my Aosta. I have absolutely no regrets buying this ship. And in my opinion it's a good ship! There are alot of people on here who like to bash everything Italian. Go ahead. I don't give a damn. Don't buy it.  WOWs stats shows how it is.


No regrets. Hell some of you complain on here about the Cesare which leads me to believe that you guys are incorrigible.

For those of you who are open minded, I recommend this ship. I played a lot of games though I don't do very well in terms of winning and I can tell you the ship is fun to play just watch your broadsides and you will be fine. In my opinion, the Aosta is worse than the Abruzzi. I bought this ship for other reasons but contrary to expectations, it turned out to be pretty good. 

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I tried it  out today and the ship handles really well but those guns; HE doesn't start fires all that well and the AP for me was nothing to right home about even on a close range cruiser I was shooting, I was eating more damage than I was dishing out.  Seems like the girl needs to dish out more damage than it does to be a decent T7 cruiser.   



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