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To WG: Please get rid of this keeping 1 star in Ranked

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It's clearly a BB-CA/CLs favoritism mechanic, especially with current rewards/exp based primarily on damage dealt rather than how useful you are to the team. It's a MILLION times harder to keep your star while in DDs than when you are in BBs and CA/CLs (especially Zao and Hindenburg), you all know it, WG know it. It's a freaking unfair rule set that makes the game frustrating for DD mains. I used to have good BB/CA/CLs teammates in the first week of the ranked season, the game was so enjoyable but then as the game proceed, potato BBs/CA/CLs start to creep in and now as a decent DD main, I am dragged in this mess of stupid players. I can deal up to 100k damage but still lost a star because some BBs hang back and get some nice citadels. You can spot 100k damage, hit 1-2 torps, tank torpedoes and still lost star in a DD. The chance that you can keep your star in a loss in a DD is actually smaller than the chance that you can carry the match for the team. It's THAT serious. So WG, please reconsider.

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