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Is this how low the xp is supposed to be

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19 minutes ago, RyanJohnson121 said:

15000xp across 27 games, gotta be doing something wrong right??


You are averaging approximately 556 XP per battle in your average results per battle per your screenshot.

The tier 2 ships Chester, Chikuma, and Umikaze average about 450 to 550 XP per battle according to https://na.wows-numbers.com/, and the tier 3 ships South Carolina, Wakatake, Kawachi, and St. Louis average approximately 550 to 583 XP per battle. The tier 4 Hosho averages 756 and Myogi averages 691.

Depending on what you average in your Hosho and Myogi pere battle, the 15,000 XP over 27 games for the tiers you have played falls in line with the average according to WoWsNumbers.com

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