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 This Note is to inform the Wargaming Community of the hard time I have had with the persons that answer your tickets and answer your questions.

Recently I have come back onto Wot after being off for over a year.

I was having a bit of a hard time finding my password in order to log in.

I called on Wot for help and they started asking me questions of, What was the first tank I bought with gold? How the hell should I remember that being on Wot for over 5 yrs. How many remember the first tank they bought with Gold.

After a few hours, I was able to find my password so I would be able to update my Phone number on here.

 I asked to in a ticket to send me the code in order to do this.

When I got the reply it was that they wanted me to Show them proof Of my purchases from my bank/ Credit card in the past from over 3 Months.

 I don't deal with the credit card company that I was making the purchases when I first started playing WOT and WoW, I did mention this to them.

 Their reply, Were sorry that we cannot help you till you give us the proof of purchases from Wargaming.

So I went into my email looking for email replies from wargaming and I copy and pasted 8 and sent them to Wot for the ticket.

 they told me that this is not proof of purchase. I told them that there own email replies that prove to me that I made the Purchases is not proof! 

 they said that they wanted a copy of the Purchases from the Credit card company again.

 Seems Wargaming does not trust themselves or their own emails.

 They told me that this is the only way of me being able to reset my password and change my phone number on here.

 I have proven to them of who I am and I have also was able to change my name On here but that is still not Proof of who I am to them.

 Now, this has been going on for  3 days now and I have told them that they need to set up a better and easier way for the Customer to be able to reset Or change their personal info if Needed.

Now since this is being typed, They have closed the ticket on me and still have not resolved the issues Because they don't think I am who I say I am after all the proof I have given.

 I have searched the Net looking for a contact number to be able to speak with someone in order to get this resolved, their reply was that they don't have phones there only computer!

 If anyone has a number that I can have to contact them, I would be in your debt.

So Now I have told them that I am taking this to the next level and inform the people Of this site to be very careful of the info you have on here and to make sure that you know the answers to any question they may ask you.  Make sure you know the name of the first tank you bought with GOLD!  If you don't you will get no help from them. I am asking this of everyone that cares about the game to be careful-but also help spread this message to all Clan members and players on all the Wargaming sites.

 Show wargaming that they can't bully us around and hold us hostage,  Don't buy Gold or premium time or tanks Till they see a drop in the income they make from us players.  I know its a lot to ask, But I have been a customer on here for over 10 yrs and now I have been treated like a common thief and basically called a liar of who I am.

Let Wargaming know you won't let this happen to you or anyone you know again. demand that they make is easier for you to reset your info,  Phone number, Password without having to answer their types Of questions.

 demand that they set up questions that you know you can answer and that you don't need to chase down paperwork from a  bank or credit card Company to prove who you are on here.

 I have asked them for a refund In the Gold that I paid for in the last 3 days and the Premium time that I got as well.

 Still no Preply from wargaming.

I Need everyone's help on this to make wargaming change the way they deal with customers.


 Thank you





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Considering the amount of fraud and comprised personal information in the internet age, I don't blame them for being cautious. Now perhaps some of the security questions could be better like having you select several from a list when you first create an account. 

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36 minutes ago, INSTIG8TR said:

Need everyone's help on this to make wargaming change the way they deal with customers.

Good luck with THAT!

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