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Finished Mission and got my Russian 10pt Capt thanks WG... BUT...

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For any of the Challenges, Missions, or Campaigns; I look at the rewards and decide if they are worth the effort.

Usually, it is requesting some variation on what I had already intended.  In those cases, I make the adjustments and see how it rolls.  Very low bar in this case as I am applying the same effort I would have in any case.

Sometimes, the reward is sufficiently unique to justify some special effort.  The Russian Commander has special skills that make him worth a special effort.  For me, this was mostly running Russian ships instead of the lines I am currently favoring.  Right now, I am also not playing in Ranked (no Tier 8 Russian ship), but that is a very small cost.  I will complete the series tonight (the only question is how many battles are needed for the remaining XP to be earned).

Most of the time, I don't do anything in response to the "special".  I drive the ships I had planned to and I acquire whatever rewards fall into my lap.

In the current series, the hardest part was sinking German ships.  It took a number of Co-op battles, but I was able to finish that one.  (In one, another ship indicated that he planned to ram the Red Bayern to get his last one.  I ended up in Russian torpedo range while in smoke of that Bayern.  I did a quick look to see if I could see the other Green, but I fired all tubes and was successful in securing the kill.  I didn't really have much choice as I would be body spotted soon, but I still felt a bit bad about it. I hadn't been able to find him in the time I looked, I needed the kill myself, and I would have died uselessly without firing.)

Ultimately, I look at my options and play based on my best assessment of the most efficient use of my time.  (Last Ranked season, I only did two battles as I did not have time for Ranked and all the other things in flight at the same time, and I assessed that I was more likely to get useful returns elsewhere.)

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This is probably the worst op they've done.....they even made a point of barring the Tier V premiums that might have made this a lot less painful. What's even worse is being in a lobby full of Russian ships all trying to get kills and none of them are in the least bit interested in running killer whale to get it over with. 

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