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Running list of ship nicknames

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Since the terminology page on the wiki ain't takin them, I figured I'd start a forum thread for it.
I'll start with all the nicknames I can remember, please respond with any you can think of as well!
I mostly play Japanese ships, so most of the nicknames I can think of off the top of my head will be japanese.
Shortenings will not be included unless further characters are added to said shortened nickname (such as Yammy, or Monty)

IJN (Japanese Navy)
Titanic = Mikasa
Chuuni = Nickname for Tenryu (In kantai collection, Tenryu is personified as a Chuunibyou type)
Bear = English translation of kuma
Mom/Momboat = Nickname for Houshou (Another Kancolle reference, houshou is often portrayed as motherly in doujinshi)
Death Pickle = Iwaki Alpha
Melon = Yubari (Yubari is a type of melon, in addition to being a ship)
Itchy = Ishizuchi
zucchini = Ishizuchi
Itchy Sushi = Ishizuchi
Mutsucky = Nickname for mutsuki, referencing her poor performance.
Mini Fart = Minekaze
Furry Taco = Furutaka 
Kami = any of the kamikaze clones
Desu = Kongou (thank kancolle)
Daijoubu = Kongou (thank kancolle)
Mic Check = Kongou (thank kancolle)
Tamagoyaki = Zuihou (in kancolle, Zuihou seems to have an obsession with the food)
Bucky = Fubuki (thank kancolle)
Big Destroyer = Aoba (referencing the ship's speed and torpedo armament)
Unfortunate = Fusou (the ship was considered unlucky during it's service)
Shotgun = Old nickname for fusou which used to have the largest number of guns on a tier 6 battleship (now belongs to lyon)
RJ = Ryujo
Flat top = Ryujo
Burger Flipper = Ryujo (Ryujo's hat in kancolle looks like one that one would wear
Poi = Shiratsuyu (thank kancolle) (also commonly used as a greeting in the beginning of matches)
Lady = Akatsuki (thank kancolle)
Elephant = Akatsuki (thank kancolle)
Pedo = Nagato (Running joke in kancolle fandom)
Lolicon = Nagato (see above)
Ashittaco = Ashitaka
Duck/Akiduck = Akizuki (alternate romanization of "秋月" reads as "akiduki")
Torpedo Magnet = Akizuki (Her lack of maneuverability plus her tendency to hide in smoke means she tends to die from torpedoes more often than not)
Hama = Kagero (Hamakaze was one of the most famous of the kagero class)
Nui = Kagero (Shiranui was another)
Suzu/Suzuya = Mogami (The most popular mogami class in kancolle)
Dolphin = Mogami (Running gag in kancolle, Kumano (mogami class) is described as making dolphin noises)
SKK = Shoukaku
Flight Deck Chest = Shoukaku (Zuikaku's (a shoukaku class) nickname in kancolle)
KTKM = Kitikami, a long removed cruiser
PanPakaPan/PPKP = Atago (thank kancolle)
Super Taco = ARP takao
Killer Rabbit = Asashio
Pocket BB = Yuugumo (Kancolle gag depicts Kiyoshimo (Yuugumo class) as wanting to become a battleship)
Sushi = Musashi
MushiMushi = Musashi
Yammy = Yamato
Tomato = Yamato (also used for those who go beyond the name of potato and embrace the red stats)
Hotel = Yamato (Referencing the time she spent in port)
Yamasushi = Yamato/Musashi
Ghost/Ninja = High level IJN DDs with low detection ranges
Osoi = Shimakaze (thank kancolle)
Zekemashi = Shimakaze (read backwards, thank kancolle)
Minitaur = Harugumo (upcoming T10 IJN gunboat DD)

USN (United States Navy)
Clubson = Climson, referencing it's strength at tier 4.
Beater = Arkansas Beta (comes from the nickname for beta testers in SAO)
'Murica = Texas with Stars & Stripes camo
Ferret/Ferret Gut = Farragut
Beaver = Cleveland
Cleavage = Cleveland
Mayhem = Mahan
Pepsicola = Pensacola (a reference to it's weak armour)
Papercola = Pensacola (see above)
Pepsi = Pensacola (see above)
St. Louis III = Helena (Helena is a Saint Louis class, the third in the game)

Big D = Dallas (upcoming T6 USN light cruiser)
SMG = Atlanta
NO = New Orleands
NoLa =  New Orleans

Lady Lex/Gray Lady = Lexington (historical nickname)
Sexy Lexy = Lexington
The Big E /Lucky E = Enterprise (historical nickname)
Sara Maru /Sister Sara = Saratoga (historical nickname)
Crimson Tide = Alabama
Mighty Mo = Missouri (historical nickname)
Trumpwagon = Missouri (referencing it's credit income)
FBB = Iowa (Referencing her ship type as a Fast Battleship, a title shared with few others, such as kongou, who doesn't share a matchmaking spread with her.)
The Big Stick = Iowa (historical nickname)
Des Memes = Des Moines
DM = Des Moines
Monty = Montana
Hannah = Montana
Rooster = Worcester (it rhymes)
Cockbote = Worcester (thank LWM)

KM (German Navy)
Jousting Boat = Low tier german destroyers which can launch torpedoes forward
Fishing boat = T-22 which has a bulky super structure while being relativity harmless
Huge Destroyer = German battleships which can launch torpedoes
Raider = Scharnhorst
Shiny Horse = Scharnhorst
G-Wagon = Gneisnau
Hipster = Hipper
Torpitz = Tirpitz (which carries torpedoes)
Derpitz = Tirpitz (when skippered by a potato)
Biscuit/Bisquick/Bisko = Bismarck
Bisy = Bismarck
Big Lady = Bismarck (thank kancolle)
Zeppe = Graf Zeppelen
GZ = Graf Zeppelen
Coffee = Graf Zeppelen (thank kancolle)
Pudding = Prinz Eugen (thank kancolle)
Freddy = Fredrick der Grosse (Fredrick the great)
FDG = Fredrick der Grosse
Fat Freddy - Fredrick der Grosse
German-Japanese DD = Z-46, which has the traditionally japanese gun layout of A/XY
Hindy = Hindenburg 
Battleship Hindenburg = Hindenburg (she's just so big!)
Destroyer Hindenburg = Hindenburg (anything with torps is a destroyer)
Gross Curry = Grosser Kurfurst
K-Berg = Kolberg or Konigsberg

VMF (Russian Navy)
Derpski = Derzky
Sweaty Llama = Svietlana
Limo = Okhotnik
Longboat = Okhotnik
Gun Canoe = Okhotnik
Crispy Creme = Krasny Krym
Macaroon = Makarov
Cocktail = Molotov
Russo-Japanese DD = Ognevoi (who's gunpower is lacking)
Donkey = DM Donskoi
Trashcan = Tashkent
Chappy = Chapayev 
Russian Light Cruiser = Khabarovsk
Kebab = Khabarovsk
Russian Battleship = Moskva
Gangut = Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya (original name)

RN (British Navy)
Grand Old Lady = Warspite
QE = Queen Elizabeth
Liz/Lizzy = Queen Elizabeth
Payfast = Belfast (Believed to be a pay to win ship)
KGV = King George The Fifth
Lord Nelson's Trousers = Nelson (no idea why, but it stuck)
Trousers = Nelson (see above)
Nelsol = Nelson (Historical Nickname)
NepNep = Neptune (Thank Hyperdimension Neptunia)
LMG = Minotaur
Memeotaur = Minotaur with radar
BBQ = Any british BB

MN (French Navy)
Eagle = English translation of Aigle
Agile = Common Mispelling of Aigle
Neil DeGrasse Tyson = De Grasse
Gasoline = La Galissonnière
LG = La Galissonnière
Dank Ship = Dunkerque
Dunkle Uncle = Dunkerque
Gas Can = Gascogne
Super Dunk = Richelieu
Charlie = Charles Martel
CM = Charles Martel
Chucky = Charles Martel
Al saucy = Alsace
Better Iowa = Alsace
HIV = Henri IV
AIDS = Henri IV (HIV if left untreated can turn into AIDS)
French Destroyers = Lightly armored french cruisers with speed boost (soon to be defunct with release of french destroyer line)
French Battleship = Henri IV (largest guns of a tier 10 cruiser) (now defunct with release of french Battleships)
Shotgun = Lyon (which now has the largest number of guns of a battleship in all tiers)
Baguette = Any french ship 

RM (Italian Navy)
Italian DD = Duca D'Aosta
Double D = Duca D'Aosta
Pasta = Roma
Beer Can = Roma with Kobayashi skin
Pizza Delivery System = Any Italian Ship

PAN (Pan Asian Navies)
John Wayne = Jian Wei
Gadget = Gadjah Mada
Got Ya Motha = Gadja Mada

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Des Moines = Des Memes

Conqueror= Megazao

Minotaur with Radar= Memeotaur

Scharnhost= Shiny Horse, Scharnie, also seen some people call borderhumping Scharnies Runhorsts :Smile_teethhappy:

Tashkent = Trashkent

Asashio= seems Asashino is popular


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16 minutes ago, JackBinary said:

Monty = Montana

@mofton nicknamed it "Hannah" (Montana). Now all we need is a captain mod to put Miley Cyrus in command. :Smile_teethhappy:


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Itchy - Ishizuchi

Zuchini - Ishizuchi

Ferret Gut - Farragut

Trumpwagon - Missouri

Death Pickle - Iwaki Alpha, I think?

K-berg - Kolberg or Konigsberg.  Confusing, I know.

Hindy - Hindenberg

Derpitz - Tirpitz, reference to many low skilled players who bought their way to T8 and performed predictably.

The Ghost - Yugumo, referencing her very low detection.

Lady Lex - Lexington, historical nickname.

NO - New Orleans, shortened for reasons.

Des Memes - Des Moines

Izzy - Izyaslav

No, the OTHER Fujin - Fushun

No, the OTHER Yang - any Pan-Asian DD



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A few my clanmates and I use:

Fat Freddy - Fredrick der Grosse

Al saucy - Alsace

Chucky - Charles Martel

QE - Queen Elizabeth

Biz - Bismarck

Donkey - Dm Donskoi

Hindy - Hindenburg

Chappy - Chapayev

Hipster - Admiral Hipper

Buddy - Budyonny

Indy - Indianapolis

I realize some of these aren't really all that original, but I am sure others use some of these.

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CV-6 Enterprise: 

The Big E
Lucky E
The Grey Ghost
The Galloping Ghost

CV-2 Lexington:

Lady Lex 

Gray Lady

CV-3 Saratoga:

Sara Maru

Sister Sara




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Beta Testers
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"Bucky"  -- Fubuki --from Kancolle

 "Zekamashi"  -- Shimakaze --also from Kancolle

"Titanic" -- Mikasa -- I can't remember which Youtuber called it that.

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2,723 battles

CA-25 Salt Lake City

Swayback Maru

CA-34 Astoria

Nasty Asty

CA-36 Minneapolis


CA-38 San Francisco

Frisco Maru

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I'm highly offended that taiho has no nickname. :Smile-angry:

Nice list though, very comprehensive.

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2,723 battles

CV-11 Intrepid

Fighting I
Dry I

CV-16 Lexington

The Blue Ghost

CV-17 Bunker Hill

Holiday Express

CV-19 Hancock

Fighting Hannah

CV-31 Bon Homme Richard


CV-38 Shangri-La

Tokyo Express

CV-39 Lake Champlain


Edited by Komarov60

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Beta Testers
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I forgot one:

"Lady Kaga" -- Kaga -- I honestly don't remember where I heard this one.

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Alpha Tester, In AlfaTesters, Beta Testers
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Eh... PepsiCRiTaDELaCOLA and its cousin IndyCOLA

LoLoRaDo - Colorado

Texarkana - Texas

Super Taco  - ARP Takao

Pizza Delivery System - Giulio Cesare and Roma

BamaCarePackage - Alabama... cuz Alabama loves deliverying freedom packages, 2700 lbs. at a time.

Misery - Missouri , cuz I live here, and it is misery.

Big Monty/Monty Ana - Montana 

Blap Mobile - Montana when I actually dev strike you, mwaahahaha

D Money/Des Memes - Des Moines

Yummy - Yamato, cuz CRiTaDELs and LoL0veRp3nz are tasty.

Why Me - Wyoming... cuz that's what they say when they just got quad CRiTaDEL'd in their brand new t3-5, whilst I am clubsealing them.

Death Blossom - Okhotnik... cuz, when 1 torpeniz will do, send 11 more to elicit sweet n salty tears.

Gremlin - Gremyaschy , cuz, well.. it's scary.

Fusco (as in  Fuss, Company) - Fuso, because her shotgun is fussy, but hits like a freight train.

Derpinberg - Nurnberg... Jr. Derp is Konigsberg, Pappa Derp = Hindenburg. 

2 Minute Sub - Perth, because smoke generator module is OP and funny. Though, not as bad as it used to be before smoke fire detect.

Dunkin Donuts - Dunkerque, because she dunks unsuspecting anybodies.

Hotlanta -Atlanta, for obvious reasons.

Lenny - Leningrad

Sigh Pain - Saipan

Shiny Horse - Scharnhorst

Bi***marck - Bismarck, lol.




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Clan Supertest Coordinator
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Jian Wei = John Wayne 
Worcester =  Bertie Wooster 
Minotaur = Minnow 


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Supertester, Alpha Tester
6,051 posts


Iwaki Alpha (given to Alpha testers as a show of appreciation for their contributions)

Tier IV Cruiser

"Death Pickle" (from custom green camo)

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Beta Testers
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4,473 battles

"Burger Flipper"  -- Ryuujo

"Flight Deck Chest"  -- Zuikaku

"Sexy Lexy" -- Lexington

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Beta Testers
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4,473 battles

I'm surprised these haven't been mentioned yet:


"Big D" -- Dallas

"Crimson Tide" -- Alabama

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19,458 battles

Mutsuki - Mutsucky

Duca D'Aosta - The Duke

Edited by Fedge_123

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Alpha Tester, In AlfaTesters
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Izumo - expletive deleted

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3 hours ago, JackBinary said:

USN (United States Navy)
Pepsicola = Pensacola (a reference to it's weak armour)


Too many syllables... simply needs to be:


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