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What should I spec for Tier 10 Yueyang slot 6? MBM3 or TTM3

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I'm wondering if I should spec in slot 6 MBM3 which reduces 12% of reload time?

or should I stick to my TTM3 for 15% reduction on torpedo reload.


I'm using the 28 secs radar yueyang.

And my captain has the following skills:

tier 1 PT

tier 2 LS/AR

tier 3 BFT/SE

tier 4 RL/CE 


Reason why I'm thinking of changing to MBM3 is that in ranked battle I can maximize my fire power in that 28 secs.

The 15 % reload reduction on my torpedo however means that I need to wait 18 secs longer for another torpedo drop.

What's your take on this guys?

Thanks in advance. 

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Honestly, I look at this the same way I look at Gearing. With a 3 second base reload on those six guns, you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference. Whereas Gearing and Yueyang have already very long reloads on their torps and you'll reeeeeeally feel the difference with the 15% boost there.

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I'd go with faster fish. They can do a lot more damage and the guns have an already excellent rate of fire.

I just uploaded a video of a Yeuyang battle and have my captain build and ship configuration at the end. 


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