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Late Night Ranked Experience's the WORST

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Was having trouble sleeping, so decided to play some Ranked after 12am. The queue was basically the same 20 ish people getting shuffled to different teams every match.

There were three players honed their skill to a fine edge in "special tactics", a very very brave destroyer, a BB that really cares about how good her paint job looks, another BB yearns to travel to far away lands. 

So the half dozen or so ranked matches I played basically was decided by which team gets more of the three "specials". It was just horrific through out the ordeal. Wins were not satisfying and loses were rage inducing. Only upside was that all the rage cardio tired me out and put me to bed.

Irrevocable rank should be abolished, so the truly horrifics all drop to the very bottom of the bottom and they can slather special sauce amongst themselves only.



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Late night warships in general is second only to daytime warships for me in terms of how bad the average player quality is.  Midnight EST is where my games start to get weird and I really should stop playing but I don't.

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Man, last night... last battle of the night was probably the hardest-fought and most satisfying win I've ever had in ranked, and it was at about 0300 pacific time. 

Sleeping Giant.

Team lineups: 

My team- Yamato, Republique, Conqueror, Hindenburg, Minotaur, Gearing and me in Khabarovsk

Other Team- Conqueror, Republique, Montana, Zao, Des Moines, Gearing and Grozovoi


My team started on the north. We capped B before the reds got C, and Khab / Minotaur headed for A on the inside, with the rest of the team moving down the middle toward C.

Got a peek of the red Republique heading around the south side of A, toward the west entrance, and once I entered the cap (from the east) I got tagged on radar so we knew the DM was there, too. I'm watching RPF move closer and closer to the west entrance, and the cap is finished and I'm headed back out the east side, when my backup gets there: Minotaur and Gearing, and our Republique a little bit after.

It wound up being a six ship furball inside of A. 3 DDs, 2 cruisers and a BB. Smoke everywhere. Torpedoes everywhere. Our Republique sitting outside the cap to the east firing in. It was quite simply the most brutal fighting I've ever seen in this game. Sumo wrestlers knife fighting in a telephone booth, with a couple of Gearings slinging torpedoes everywhere.

I have no idea how, but we won the fight at A. We lost our Gearing, and the rest of us were beat to hell, but we took down their Pub, their DM and their Gearing, and then were able to move on C and defeat the rest of their force.

Gawd. I've never had another battle like that one, not at any time of day. 



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This is why team performance shouldn't be a factor in ranked play.

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You would think that it would be at least 50/50, it doesn't seem to be the case though.

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