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Why do US carries get needed so bad?

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So I would really love to have a dev explain to me why they keep the US carriers so hog tied and nerfed compared to the Japan counter parts.

I know the US has more planes per squad. But what good does that do if all the planes from the Japan counter part are higher tier? In any battle if my 1 7 plane squad of tier 7 fighters tangle with the 2 4 plane tier 9 fighters of a Japan squad im dead instantly. It is ludicrous. So ok well I'm sure they have made up for it with the other squads right? No because they completely screw the US carriers out of getting 2 torp squads. wth! You gotta help me out here. 

Is there any explanation? If your response is simply level up the Japan CV's then you are not helping. If the point is to make them equal then atleast make my 7 plane fighter squad equal to the 2 squad counter part. I wouldn't mind the lack of the 2 torp squads as much then. 

Please can a dev give me some insite?

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I think it was summed up in a fairly recent post. Something like the CV’s are currently being reworked so comments on how they are having issues as of now is moot.

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