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WoWs for Mac: what works reliably?

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About half way through last year, a WoWs update broke WoWs on my older Mac - crashed when trying to load the main game client (after you hit "connect" on the login screen) with a WINE error.  Complete re-install didn't fix the problem.  Prior to this, it ran very reliably.

Recently upgraded the SSD on another Mac so I now had enough room to install WoWs.  Loaded to the port screen and pre-game screens fine, silently crashed to desktop when trying to load the game proper from the pre-game screen.  Logged back in twice only to have it immediately fail twice.  Successfully loaded game once I dropped the graphics level from "medium" to "low".  However, it still occasionally silently crashes to desktop during games, without warning.

I see this ONLY with WoWs, not with other games.  (Note: haven't checked WoT recently, although it was working for several months last year after WoWs stopped working)


2011 iMac, 10Gb RAM, 10.10, 10.13: always fails with WINE error on "connect"

2012 MacBook Pro, 8Gb RAM, 10.12: works on low graphics settings, modulo occasional crashes


I'm looking at buying a new computer - probably a Mac - sometime soon.  If you have a Mac platform that WoWs works "reliably" on, please let me know.  Please list Model, memory, OS version, approximate graphics level.  Thanks

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I have a 2009 Mac Pro that still runs El Capitan. Mine has the Intel quad core processor (I think there are two of them, I forget) and like 32 gigs of memory, SSD, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 video card. I have had zero problems using the Wine Wrapper with my set up. The only problems I occasionally run into are the same problems that even the PC users are having so I don't think they were Mac or Wine related problems. When reading about problems on the Mac threads, I have noticed often times that the users are running the newer OS and have always wondered if there was a connection. 

With that said, a Windows emulator is probably a better way to go. I have used Bootcamp and Windows 10ish to play WoWS but I just hate Windows so much that I went back to Wine. I have had almost zero problems using the wrapper and when a bug happens, the good people at Codeweavers jump right on it and get it taken care of pretty quickly. 

I fully expect that eventually I will no longer be able to run WoWS or any Wargaming title on my machine and when that time comes, I will probably either dump the game totally and play something else (there are lots of games I already have and like playing) or I will get a PC just to run WoWS and nothing else. They are pretty inexpensive and if only the game is installed on the machine, there are zero security issues. 

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If you have an Intel processor Boot Camp and a copy of W10 is your best bet. Didn't finish reading your post but Windows is your most reliable way to use most PC software. Good luck.

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I have the exact same problem but I've noticed it usually happens when Wargaming does an update. So I'm offline even after a full reinstall, hopefully There will be a wine fix in a few days.


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