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This is How You Battleship!

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Happened in ranked... two battleships communicated, pushed and dominated.  Quickest round of ranked I've had.


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I love the fact that the team coordinated well here. However, I will respectfully disagree that the actual tactics employed by those two battleships were "how you should" play. Both enemy battleships failed hard. Richilieu could have easily rammed either of your battleships at 3:30 but didn't. He also could have bow-tanked both of them as they bum rushed through C and backed them up into a crossfiring angle from the red NC. Instead, he sailed past them like a chump. NC also had an opportunity to stern-angle against both of your battleships after the joust at 4:30 (by proceeding northwest), but chooses to turn broadside to both instead.

My point is that it's important to distinguish between the virtues of coordinating well with teammates, and the idea that battleships should yolo a cap point. The former is a great advantage, the latter is just a gamble on the opposing players' stupidity. It paid off here, but I would definitely prefer that my Ranked teammates stop doing it.

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