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I Owe Two Captains an Apology

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It was a normal match for my Prinz Eugen, that being an uptier to tier X. The map was sleeping giant. I had a monstrous game of 150k damage and a Montana torpedoed to death. However I was sent to the bottom in my attempt to do so. I stuck around to see how the match was going to go. 

Our team was split into two different groups, a group of three ships in the south east: a Hipper, a Montana, and a Grozavoi, and a group of two ships in the North East: a Zao and a Yamato. Our southern fleet was engaged by three of the remaining four ships: an Izumo, a Z-46, and a Mogami. Our north fleet was chasing the enemy Montana to the corner of the map. 

I suggested in chat that our North fleet assist the southern fleet, as the enemy Montana was out of position and kiting them away from the cap circle. This suggestion was ignored and they continued to chase the Montana. Meanwhile, our Grozavoi and Hipper were dispatched by the Izumo however the Hipper got her torpedoes away in time sinking the Izumo. Our Montana Notser’d himself and was subsequently sunk by the Mogami and Z-46 torpedos. 

While the southern fleet fell apart, the north finally dispatched the Montana, and were completely out of position. The Yamato turned back to defend our lone cawhile the Zao attempted to take the westernmost cap. It was at this point I said in chat I hope that damage farm was worth the thrown game, congratulated the reds on a good game, and returned to port.

Cut to me in port waiting for my Eugen to return. The score was 956-400 bad guys, with 2 minutes to go and I was thinking the other team would have to do something phenomenally stupid to throw that match. All they had to do was run away. I glance at the screen and my jaw hits my desk as Victory slides up from the bottom of the screen. I looked at the scoreboard and surmised that both the Mogami and Z-46 rushes our last cap and somehow both got sunk by the Yamato within 2 minutes.

I don’t remember your names, but if you are in the forums I want to apologize for my salty behavior in chat. Way to prove me wrong and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


I was salty and berated two seemingly potato players who somehow snatched victory from defeat. I apologize to be so quick to snap at you in chat

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Takes a big person to apologize ... 07!

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I don't know why you are being downvoted...

I mean, if you weren't being sincere there was no reason to come here and waste the time writing on the foruns.

It takes a lot to see your own mistakes and apoligize, more than facing advesrsity.

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This reminds me of a few games where the home team is  down 2-3 ships and/or we're grossly out of position then all of the sudden the momentum shifts and we coast to a miraculous victory.  Usually these games always have that one guy...

That guy: "OMG you guys suck, this team is garbage"
...momentum shifts...
Someone from our team: "Hey looks like you overreacted, we're looking good now."
That guy: *silence*

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