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LockDown is recruiting

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Beta Testers
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                                                                                                                                      LockDown is now accepting  new recruiting  !!! 





Thank you for showing interest in LockDown . We are a still relatively new clan that is about more than Warships....


we as a clan are at level   VI 

the can have all the +3% per battle 

and have all the -10% to cost of servicing

we have all the -10 to the cost

Have a Microphone

Be Social

Be Respectful

Be Active

We have a Code of Conduct

Having a microphone and being social is what makes clan enjoyable. What's the point of playing with people if you can't talk to each other?
Being respectful is just a part of being a human being.

LockDown is a unique, enduring community of PC gamers who seek a collaborative play experience with others who value honor and respect. LockDown has weathered many attempts to fracture our community from abroad and from within our ranks due to our collective determination and consistency with our members                                                 

Guidance on multi-clanning:
Members shall not maintain an association with another organization whose interests conflict with those of LockDown or cause clan or division leadership to perceive conflicting loyalties.
Members shall not enlist in, or remain a member of, a competitive clan or gaming community that supports games identical to LockDown.
Members with established in game character(s) may maintain their associations, ONLY IF: approval is obtained from division leadership, AND moving their character(s) to servers/membership with LockDown requires a financial expense, AND the game is not the member’s primary division, AND their characters(s) are not in the same server/realm as LockDown.
Members may participate and be a part of social media communities for development and outreach purposes, to promote games, and to represent LockDown provided that said communities do not organize themselves so as to otherwise violate these rules. This includes communities that promote streaming, twitter, etc. This rule does not exclude monetization of one’s own activities, however, the interests of LockDown must always be promoted.

Regardless of other communities a member is part of, LockDown members may not supplant LockDown's in-game tags with another community's and are required to maintain allegiance to the clan and our Code of Conduct.

LockDown is a community and is only valuable when our members are engaged and have enjoyable shared experiences. That isn't possible if our membership has strong competing interests elsewhere. If you want to invest time with other groups, we respect that, but require that you respect our rules and honorably excuse yourself.

Code of Conduct

The LockDown Code of Conduct is the face of our clan. Not only is it a guideline for member conduct, it is also a statement about what kind of gamers we are, and who we're looking for. LockDown is an honor clan first. This includes zero tolerance for hacking or any other malicious game modding.

All members agree to the Code of Conduct upon being accepted into the clan, and are expected to uphold the code at all times. Our code ensures that our members conduct themselves respectfully and preserve the respected image of the clan. 

Violation of the Code of Conduct will result in removal from LockDown.
1. Strive to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner

2. Offer help to anyone who seeks it, if it is possible

3. Project a positive image of yourself and the LockDown clan to others

4. Put the needs of the clan first, above personal goals

5. Support members of LockDown

6. Attempt to resolve personal differences directly with the concerned individual(s)

7. Remind other LockDown members of expected conduct in a tactful, non- threatening way, and if possible, in private

8. Promote fellowship within the game community

9. Do not condemn or humiliate other clan members

10. Win and lose games honorably, show sportsmanship

11. Maintain LockDown loyalty

12. No comments about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. We are here to play games.


                              if this a clan you would like to be in the find me and we will talk 


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Beta Testers
227 posts
14,458 battles

bump we have 12 play's in the clan and are open for you if you have discord and are looking for a clan get with me i am kingbigwolf69

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