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A new idea for a feature adding to the team damage system.

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So From time to time I accidentally hit a teammate with a torpedo(stupid me) and I feel sorry and Im nervous about the penalties that  can be placed on me(I play CO OP battles, so this is even more embarrassing) Then  today I got an idea to improve the team damage punishment system. Could we add the option for when you hit a teammate and do damage to him, he has the option to forgive you for it or not, I got the idea from the red orchestra series, if you die due to a teammate, you lose points, but you get points if they forgive you(meaning you dont get any extra points, but you get points to replace the points that you lose on your score) But if the teamkill where on purpose then you could deny forgiving them for that damage. Also replays of team damage could be a thing. Just a suggestion.

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Has not been removed because they make money off those mistakes 

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