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After the patch, I demounted equipment and got charged for it.  I played the requisite number of Clan battles, so it should have been free.  I am NOW on my 9th ticket/response to tech support to get my dubloons back.  I copied and pasted their own patches notes to them after they "solved" it the first time by saying it costs 25 dubloons to demount.  The response to that?  Well--copy the patch noted BACK to me which said IT SHOULD BE FREE!!!  HOW BLOODY HARD IS IT TO LIVE BY THE NOTES YOU POSTED?  If you intend to have people literally spend hours to try to get 200 dubloons back, while royally pissing them off in the process, you have succeeded.  I know I am mistaken in assuming the customer is USUALLY right after dealing with this company twice in a week on mistakes they made and refuse to correct.

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