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Question about the Cruiser Split

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So right now the Pensacola is at Tier VII, and to research her costs 70,000 XP.

When she becomes a Tier VI cruiser and the New Orleans drops down to replace her, will the NO then have the same research cost?

When the Cleveland goes up to Tier VIII, what happens to the XP she has attained? IIRC it devolves upon the Pensacola.

So if I grind out 70,000 XP before the split and do NOT unlock the Pensacola, then as far as I can surmise...

The Cleveland's XP goes to the Pensacola (which also inherits the Cleveland's camo and captain).

The New Orleans becomes a 70K research task.

The New Orleans thus becomes immediately unlockable.


Does that sound about right?

(I won't get rid of the Pensa - it'll be nice to have yet another cruiser I can use for operations.)

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Good question, it is possible that Wows May give some slack to those already grinding those ships and lean to the players benefit 

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If you watch the waterline video the 2 phils released last week they said the rules for the change up will follow those of the russian dd split.


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