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last damage bug

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I was just in a game where I rammed a half health DD in my DD.  We both died as expected.  I did not get credit for the kill.  The post game details indicated that I died by ramming and that I did 6k of damage to the enemy DD by ramming, which would indicate that I took all of his remaining health, since the value was less than my expected ramming damage value.  There is a clock issue where perhaps ticking damage from a previous event such as fire or flooding counted towards the death even though the ramming event actually took the remaining health.  I have seen this issue in other shots but never gave it much thought because I figured it might be a case where my shot didn't finish off the target and ticking damage might have.  Now I know there is a glitch where a finishing shot doesn't necessarily get credit for the kill.

Please look into this and fix it.  It is annoying to line up a shot and deal all remaining damage to a ship and not get credit for the kill.

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