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Shared Captain - Gearing and Kidd - Skill Choices

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Hi folks,

Originally, I was going to go with a build with SE, BFT, and SI all at once.


But after using Radio Location on my KM DD captain, I'm really rather smitten by how useful it is at hunting down other DDs. And I gotta say ... if there's one thing I love to do in a DD, it's murder other DDs. Yes, more so even than torping battleships. So I'm thinking of grabbing it for my Gearing/Kidd captain. Problem is I can't keep three tier 3 skills.

SE is a given. No chance in hell I'm getting rid of that.
So if I go RL, I have no choice but to get rid of either BFT or Superintendent. Neither of which is an easy choice to ditch. So given I'm using this captain both on Gearing and Kidd, I'd love your input. BFT = faster rate of fire and better AA (both have good AA by DD standards, and both have DF). Superintendent means more smoke ... and an additional heal for Kidd.

Of course, if you think I'm nuts making that choice and that I should just stick with my original build and give up on RL, well, you can say that too.

P.S: No, having two different captains is not an option at this time.

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I share my Fletcher captain with my Kidd.  This is kinda appropriate as Kidd is a Fletcher-class destroyer.

I use Torpedo Acceleration on Gearing which I do not want on Kidd.

As to your question, I would drop BFT as the extra Smoke, DFAA, and Heal are really nice to have if you want to keep Radio Location.

I actually run SE, TAE, SI for 3-point skills and only CE at 4-point.

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My gearing captain

1. PM

2. LS

3. SE > TAE > Vigi > BFT

4. CE

For Kidd, I would swap out TAE for SI.

Also, if you are very confident at predicting and dodging torpedoes, You can skip Vigilance. Replace it with priority target and adrenaline rush/torpedo acceleration.


Of course this is for solo random battle plays. For more intense clan battles, I would do something like this. 

1. PT

2. LS AR

3. SE TAE/BFT/Vigi

4. CE RL


Both should work for ranked battles. The latter is more suited for competitive while the former is for more relaxed play.

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