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Japanese BB 19-pt captain build? for Yamato, Musashi, Kii, Amagi

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I am thinking about giving up concealment completely in favor of avoiding torpedoes and controlling damages.




I will also use Target Acquisition System Mod 1 instead of Concealment in the 5th slot of upgrade.


How do you think?

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That's a tough build...  basically you're spotted from so much farther away that you're forced to either 1, push hard with the main fleet or 2, stay far away at max range.  You don't really have the flexibility to move around as much w/o stealth IMO.

TAM1 will help with detecting torpedoes and such, but to be honest if you're taking a lot of torpedo damage, you should spend time thinking about why.  For example, a lot of BB players sit out in the middle of the open water thinking they're all safe and then get nailed by torps that they didn't know were coming.  It's better to be using islands to block a particular torpedo flank.  In addition, changing course and speed helps as well.  Vigilance and TAM1 won't really help you dodge torpedoes in Yamato - that ship is so sluggish that you'll take them regardless.  Though if you are the kind of person who finds themselves getting torped a lot while at 0 throttle, consider taking propulsion module, as it allows you to speed up faster.  Minimap awareness is also helpful - was a DD last spotted nearby?  Is it in torpedo range?  If so, you're probably his target.  Use Priority Target to let you know if you're being targeted.  If that number goes down, and then goes back up again after 5-10 seconds, chances are that DD just sent torps at you.  Change course, change speed, and laugh as 30 -60 seconds later the torps miss you.

Here's what I'd build on my Yamato:  http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100010100001000100000119

You're welcome to send me replays of your gameplay and I can give you far better feedback.

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