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Looking for a more competitive and active clan

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Active player looking for a more active and competitive clan for next clan wars and to division up with to improve. Looking specifically for the following in a clan:

  • Consistent use of comms.
  • Selective recruiting
  • Driven to perform
  • Friendly and helpful
  • Active members

I have decent stats in random, I like to experiment in the lower tiers, but I am competent in ranked - check my stats to see for yourself. I have 8 Tier X's and 2 19 point captains (nearly 3). Been playing warships a long time (started with NavyField), I have 42 ships and a decent amount of premiums (Tirpitz, Alabama, Missouri, Kii, Atago, Nelson, Hood. etc etc). I played a lot of CV in the past but only rarely use them now - IX Taiho, VII Ranger, VII Saipan or VII Kaga.

Tier X:

  • Montana
  • Yamato
  • G. Kurfurst
  • Conqueror
  • Moskva
  • Des Moines
  • Zao
  • Shimakaze

Other notables:

  • IX Neptune
  • IX Taiho
  • VIII Richelieu

Really want to find a good home and make some new long lasting friendships.





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come on our discord and see if you like it here.




i may not be in the clan anymore but i sure do like playing with them.


i was the clan leader for JR and i still help them recruit. again no strings attached. try them out and see.

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drop by POP, we are very active, serious enough, have all sorts, all good people. The boss is a pain in the neck though, prefers people who like to dance to weird 60s pop songs. Spam 
@BartBandyTLB  with /pms for more info or drop by https://discord.gg/qEZz7jv and annoy him and others there. 


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