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Clarify this 0.7.4 Enhancement, please

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From the release notes:




Game Engine Optimization

To enhance an enhanced overall game performance, especially in a battle, we've adopted an algorithm for preloading effects. In the past, all effects were stored in video memory irrespective of whether they were, in fact, used in a given battle or not. By adopting that strategy, we achieved good GPU performance but positive effects were visible only for a fixed number of effects used.

As the number of different effects in the game is growing, we decided to optimize the use of video memory by preloading only those effects that will actually be used in combat, thus saving several percent of video memory capacity. A further increase in performance may be achieved by disabling the display of certain special camo patterns.


Good.  I need all the help I can get with video performance.  But kindly clarify which camo patterns, and how to disable?


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Can't remember exactly what it is, but there's an icon when in your port at the bottom right of the screen.  Click on it and you have the option to turn off all the specialty camos like Halloween and Space and all that.

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I think it's referring to just loading the effects for the camo that will be displayed in that battle. It's pointless to load the Halloween camo effects if no ships have them equipped in that match.

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I haven't run into a game yet that could make full use of the 12Gb RAM in my video card....


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