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This never happened until very recently.

Usually happens mid-match; screen and sounds suddenly stop. But my spotify music and OS in the background seem fine. I can't tab or bring up the task manager with ctrl alt delete; it gets stuck to the frozen game screen. Only way I get out of it is ctrl-alt-delete< logout and that closes everything included the crashed WoWs. Log back in and restart the game. Sometimes it will say 'wows has stopped working' and give me the option to close it but rarely.

No crash report is created in the crash log I found however; so I don't have anything else to post unfortunately. It looks like some critical error message pops up; and I hear a kind of ding sound from a Microsoft message the moment it crashes but I can never tab out of the frozen screen to see what it says. Always have to force the shut down of WoWs to get back to my desktop and the error message goes with it. Any tips or idea appreciated on how I can resolve this... my system worth 2k and is only a year old, always runs other things and this game until recently flawlessly.

Seems to be something WG that has screwed their game up tbh.

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*gasp* Someone actually filed a somewhat complete bug report instead of just complaining?

Question: have you tried switching to windowed mode? This game doesn't like alt-tabbing a lot from my experience.

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im having issues with crashing also when i play my  own music/ i placed it in directory C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res\userMusic. all are mp3 files. anything wrong here.

crashes sometimes to desktop sometimes crit error .please help


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I am having a similar problem, though now at 8.5. I can alt-tab out to desktop, restart the game, then, after the wait time, rejoin the battle in progress. However, this of course costs the team time in battle.

I had just added the userMusic folder with my mp3 files. I had not had this problem until this music was added. When the error occurs, the game freezes. When I alt-tab, there is a windows critical error message, and I have attached 6 error files for your review.

For now, all I can do is turn this feature off if I am to play games without such an interruption.







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