Welcome to [BLUMR] Blue Mermaids' Recruiting Page! We are the Blue Mermaids [BLUMR], a competitive clan that stands as the pinnacle of The Haifuri Community; which is the home to four other large clans. Our main goal is to serve as the role-models for our community, while being the best we can be in-battle. Being the The Haifuri Community's only competitive clan, we would like others to aspire to be like us. The Haifuri Community's Discord Server: https://discord.gg/kuDbkuE   What We Do: As a competitive clan, what [BLUMR] focuses on is "Kings of the Sea (KOTS)", formerly "Supremacy League",  "Clan Wars", and scrimmage sessions within and outside of The Haifuri Community. Outside of the competitive scene, we typically division-up with either one-another, or other community members to play random battles. We are not a die-hard competitive clan, but rather a step above a semi-competitive clan.   Our Requirements:   You must have either a 54% or higher overall win-rate, or have a 55% or higher win-rate for your past 90 days of battles. You must have an average tier of 6.5 or higher, depending on your number of battles played. You must own at least two tier-ten ships, for two of which, you must have a Warships Today Rating (WTR) of 1,000 or higher for them. You must meet these average-damage requirements for tier-ten ships only: Battleships: 95,000 damage  |  Cruisers: 75,000 damage  |  Destroyers: 45,000 damage If two of the ship types meet the requirements, and one type does not, then we may reconsider. You must have an exceptional overall performance across tiers 8-10. You must be accepting of The Haifuri Community, as well as being respectful to its members. You must be able to play World of Warships at least twice per week. However, exceptions can be made, given your situation. You must have two-weeks worth of experience with being in The Haifuri Community's Discord server. You must have a microphone and be active on Discord. If you wish to join [BLUMR], please join our Discord server and ask to speak to a [BLUMR] Officer in our "Welcome Channel". 
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