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Teaching New Players Is A Really Nice Thing

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Amidst all the negativity and salt that often surround new and old players alike (god knows I sometimes am guilty of that as well), one thing that feels so good is teaching new players and watching them grow.

Last night as I was playing for the Texas Twitch camo, I decided to division up with a tier 5 CV player to maybe farm some easy plane kills (or at least guarantee that there would be planes to kill).

After two matches (the first of which my internet died and me shortly afterwards, followed by a much better second one with 4 plane kills),  I decided to sacrifice the other remaining plane kills to tutor my div-mate in training room, as his profile showed slightly more than 600 battles.

First match, we both took out Saipans, me a 2-2-0 and him a 3-0-1. He understood the basics, but still was learning about strafing, so I basically let my planes fly around in straight lines and let him strafe them (after trouncing him in the first dogfight). I also let him practice a dive bomber drop (granted, I turned off my AA and sat perfectly still for that one, but he did align it perfectly).

Second match, since he mentioned in the previous game that he had trouble hitting surface targets, I decided to let him practice cross-dropping using a Cleveland with AA turned off. At the end of the match, I am proud to say he at least knows how to torpedo from opposite sides, a form of cross-drop, I could say.

Third match, I decided to refine that technique by using a Minsk as a target, again with no AA. Even though he missed all of his drops in 20 minutes except for one torpedo, he did manage to synchronize his torpedo bombers and improve their drop timing, position and angle more and more as time went on.

We quit afterwards (turns out he had a hangover), but it felt really good teaching a new player and watching them grow. I didn't even mind watching my ship get attacked or burning while I didn't fire back.

He was quite gracious too. When I decided to get closer to him in the third match (around 2-5 km) and asked him to turn off his secondaries (so that he could get off more attacks and thus practice more), he obliged.

Just some heartwarming stuff to balance out the salt and rage, cheers.

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+1, newbies needs more players like you, you give them hope and a positive impression.

Thanks for being helpful to one in need /^_\\ b

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The community could use more people like you, keep helping, it’s good for the community, and results in fewer newbies, so I don’t feel like I’m sealclubbing in T7 tech tree CVs.

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Too bad I can only give you 1 plus 1.


You are a very awesome warships-mate.


Carry on sir.

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