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Sometimes the Planets Align, Briefly

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Jump in the Monarch, bottom tier (planets not aligned), and our Mo does this (planets now moving out of the solar system) ...


but at least he told us.

Move up to C cap, AP loaded, watched the Neptune slow down, pop smoke, and just as he disappears, I fire ...


planets in perfect alignment, things are looking up.

But no, the planets, with a big FU, leave the galaxy with some even leaving the universe.  We grab A cap, but never push through.  We forget there is a B cap all game,  those at C cap slowly die one by one.  

I notice our Shima getting grief in chat from those in A, and look up his stats...


The DD driver has just over 7k games total, and is working on the theory of, the-more-I-play-the-better-I-get.

The Neptune was avenged by his Musashi division mate and the inevitable happens a minute later.


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I think I had the effect happen to me. Fired salvo as was going behind island, 2 shells make it, one hits the water, the other citadels the Pensacola reversing behind an island.

Sadly, like your game, the team didn't have the same luck.

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I was going to make a bad pun about your moon being aligned with Uranus but decided not to.

The reason being I hated the Monarch when I first went up the Brit BB line but now I am thinking I will give her another chance perhaps.

+1 for an interesting post.

And btw a few weeks ago someone posted the WR of a unicum tier 1 player with over 4000 battles or so in a tier I ship and no other.


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