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[0.7.4 PT-2] Ships rendering and visibility

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Dear commanders!

As you already know, we are evaluating a fix for the ship rendering issue as part of 0.7.4 public test. The deal is, that the ships may appear in the 3D world with a 2-3 second delay after they appear on the minimap, or even after ships’ accompanying effects (funnel smoke, as an example) are rendered. This is dependent on the server and game client interaction. The server informs the client that a ship is spotted and then the client interprets that data and shows that ship on the minimap as well as a 3D model with its effects. As a result several factors influence the rendering process – game optimization and environment in which it is ran –players’ PC configuration, their connection quality and stability.

We had to collect as much data and feedback as possible during the public test, so we could be sure about our solution. As expected, the 3D models did in fact appear simultaneously with the effects and minimap icons, however, in some cases, the information could lack in timeliness and actuality by the moment it was displayed. And from the gameplay perspective this is undesirable side effect.

That’s why for the second session of our public test we improved upon the solution that you’ve seen. The rendering of models and effects now happens at the same time, but the minimap display is working the same way it did in the 0.7.3 version. This fix only takes care of a part of the issue, yet it does not create any unwanted side effects. If it shows stability during the public test and causes no further issues, that is exactly the way we’re going to implement it into the update.

We are already working on the optimization of ships’, effects rendering and minimap display as a complex, to absolutely minimize any delays between these instances. We plan the next round of fixes in a few updates, and just like before, we will be very appreciative of your feedback. 

Thank you for your understanding!:Smile_great:

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