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Is This a DD Handicap made by WOWS?

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dd white line tracking not showing all grey-  just 2 white lines -  full torp spread going THROUGH enemy dd's no impact - only enemy dds. reason?  anyone know if this is a handicap that Wows has put in??

I attempted this in 5 battles got within 3 KM still white lines--- then at 2Km white lines - re-aquired a nearby cruiser and full grey- torps killed cruiser but torps went through enemy dd. no matter the range.


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You're using Deep-water torpedoes on the Pan-Asian destroyers (which will just go under DDs). They are balanced by good guns and good smoke. When faced with enemy DDs, try to use those instead.

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Pan Asian and Asashio have deep water torpedoes. Easiest way to know if you can hit the target you are aiming at is a solid grey cone. 2 lines means your torpedoes will not hit the target.

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