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Taking stock - mixed reflections from a seal-potato.

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Current state of things:

Destroyers - Jianwei, Farragut. In no hurry to move up-tier.

Battleships - Iron Duke (ground out), Bretagne/Normandie (French container mission unlocks). In no hurry to move up-tier in the French BB line; grinding at a leisurely pace up the British line with the ultimate goal of stopping at KGV. Will probably buy Nelson when I eventually accumulate enough FXP.

Cruisers - Leander, Fiji, Edinburgh; Omaha, Cleveland (will re-grind for Dallas after the split); Kolberg; Kuma; Svietlana (Varyag pending, if I can get that 65K HP win). No desire to go higher than VIII; no desire to take KM or IJN any higher than Tier V (the lowest at which they can win stuff), as I am not interested in the higher-tier ships. Russian ships will be limited to the Imperial era for the same reason.

Carriers - don't play them because I don't multitask well.


Things I can do now that I could not do before, and will be trying lots of if other things (SHINY WINNABLE STUFF) do not distract me:

Ranked battles (at least to Level 11, if I can even get that far).

Honourable Service and Yamamoto campaigns (Science of Victory is almost a foregone conclusion; I'm waiting to finish it when I can make best use of the premium time).

Easily play missions that involve setting fires and getting large numbers of torpedo hits (my British CLs do have torpedoes, true, but they are not primarily torpedo ships; destroyers are, and US destroyers are also reasonably good firestarters).

Public Test Server (although this counts as one of the potential distractions too).


Currently holding my breath for: US cruiser split and the ramifications thereof. I liked the Pensacola in the Test Server, but if she's being nerfed to blazes there is IMO no point in doing a hard grind for her before the split  if she's going to be tossed into my lap anyway.

Currently waiting patiently for: British destroyers.

Currently hoping (possibly in vain) for:

Cossack to be a winnable premium with decent missions I am able to complete.

A really good Halloween PvE mission with 19 point loan captains that I can milk the hell out of (I played Space Battles for about 60K elite captain XP, but I didn't take well to a lot of the ships and my success rate in them was minimal.) 


Things I ought to do:

Improve my marksmanship and positioning skills.

Get a better idea of when to take unconscionable risks.

Try to concentrate on working up my Fiji commander.


Of course every time I make up a list of the things I intend to do, WG dangles some carrot in front of me that completely wrecks my carefully laid plans. But since one of those plans was to try to win every ship, captain, premium camo and anything else WG threw my way, I can hardly complain; can I?

I've had a lot of fun so far (though some moments were less memorable; HELLO EMERALD --> LEANDER GRIND), and I haven't spent a cent. Good times, WG; keep it up.

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Glad to see that you're enjoying the game, Cthulhu. 

I will say though that it can be worth it to spend a little money on the game, if only to buy some extra port slots.  And if you're willing to do it, the best time is to wait for those rare occasions when they have a port slot sale.  Having more slots lets you keep the occasional ship you really enjoy without much in the way of a serious expenditure of real money.  But that's your decision, of course.



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