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Submarines to counter carriers

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Cool info!  Glad the US Navy got a hold of a Gotland so they can work on tactics.  I remember in the late 70's Canada sent one of there old DD's down to play with our subs off the west coast.  The Canadian DD not only found our sub and sank it, it did it in the first day of a 2 week navel exercise!  Boy where there some pissed off US admirals then! 

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In warfare, like sports, it's always best to truly know your opponents so you may exploit their weaknesses... due diligence is a priority for the military (or should be). 

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Yeah, the state of training in the U.S. Navy is in a sorry state. Jive Turkey, a former sonar man on 688 and Ohio-class missile subs who frequently livestreams Cold Waters, has said so on multiple occasions.

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AIP diesels are going to be a sticking point for quite some time, this is not particularly surprising and "losing" carriers to them in exercises does actually happen on pretty regular occasion. 

CVNs used to have two or three frigates, a destroyer or two and a cruiser in close company, each of which had an SH-2, -3 or -60 (era-dependent), the carrier had S-3s and helos as well.  Now they're lucky to have any more than a destroyer or cruiser sticking with them, S-3s are gone and though there are a good number of friendly submarines around, most of them are off conducting "national tasking."  Very helpful when they're the units the surface fleet uses to excuse their willful (and woeful) lack of material and manpower preparations for antisubmarine operations.

At this point the carrier-operating nations only really have two options, though they're reasonably effective ones; strike the submarines in port before they sortie, or simply avoid the places they operate.  A choke point can still be blitzed, but it's an extremely dangerous, messy and expensive option.

Of course, I'll apply my very most favorite caveat to all of this; it's just my opinion and as has been demonstrated time after time to be worth less than a penny.


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