Captains!  Gray Wolf is again accepting applications to join our fleet.   Gray Wolf recently expanded our clan to 50 players, and now has more openings. Our Naval Base is now completely built out, so members will benefit from all available clan discounts.   Even though the current season is ending, we are still looking for members who wish to participate in Clan Battles. Gray Wolf will continue to field a team in upcoming seasons   APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED THROUGH OUR WEBSITE   Gray Wolf Gaming is a social clan of 75+ players ranging in age from 30 and up. We are a clan that prefers a fun, mature environment. Gray Wolf began as a World of Warplanes Clan of "guys over fifty" with a common passion for gaming.  We started a fleet when World of Warships began, and now have regular players in both games, as well as World of Tanks and a few others. We control our own Team Speak server and website forum for our members to use. Anyone can division with Gray Wolf members as a guest on our TeamSpeak server. Bring your friends! Gray Wolf maintains a casual atmosphere, aimed at having fun, your stats are not important to us.  The main focus to have fun and be a good citizen while in our clan.   Although we're mainly a group of 50 & Older members, we do make exceptions. However, all members must be over 25. You will need to have Team Speak installed, and a working microphone, to get through the application process, but there are no requirements regarding being on TS while playing, except to participate in Clan Battles. Our clan was founded before World of Warships was launched, so Gray Wolf has many experienced players, including Alpha and Beta Testers, that are willing to help out a new player. Gray Wolves are spread out though many different time zones, and you are likely to find people playing at any time of day. However, prime time is 8pm to 12am Eastern Time. We actively strive to maintain a clan that is based on Friendship, Camaraderie, Fair Play and a Healthy Respect for Others, whether in victory or defeat. If this sounds like you, Gray Wolf may be what you’ve been looking for... to make new friends, group up and enjoy your gaming experience. Many Gray Wolf members play other Wargaming tiles as well, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and Total War:Arena For more info, check out our Recruitment Page.   In game contacts: Bear_82         Clan Commander DeepSix777          Deputy Commander OtterWolf      Recruiting Officer