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Midway vs Midway

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Assuming it wasn't a case of late load/afk as to "what could go wrong" -

  • Player that uses strafe vs one that doesn't know how/opts not to (reasons it needs to be fixed)
  • RNG - Even if both players are not using strafe, or both are, RNG can be a :etc_swear:. I've had stock no AS IJN fighters in the path of my top tier USN AS skill fighters somehow lose 0/1 plane but in the next strafe by them mine are gone.
  • Tactics - If the other CV was smart, maybe even realized he was at a disadvantage, opted to keep his fighters close enough to friendly AA, and trap the enemy fighters within it by falling back just enough.
  • Teamwork - Sort of goes hand in hand with above but a team that's stuck together enough - Your CV may have never had a good shot at striking and while his planes flew about waiting for a target, or inbound to the only isolated one, were deleted (see strafing above). Conqueror, Iowa, Des, Mino, and Fletcher stood on their own can prove an issue to CV's, let alone if near any ship, especially Minotaur and Conqueror because Mino has long range lethality and smoke, longer range then Des that makes it more problematic than Des despite lacking DF AA, especially if AA built Mino is a monster. And Conqueror if it has AA range extensions deals all it's DPS starting at about 5 km where as even Montana they still have to get in 20 mm range, and usually only the never buffed therefore heavily nerfed USN DB's are going into that. Put them near another ship, even more an issue, and even the other ships, if not the greatest, sticking together or with fighter cover can prove to be an issue.
  • DD - Had a match just yesterday a Fletcher got past me and a Radar cruiser on the West flank (I knew his heading but could not get close enough to spot in GK, cruiser blew his Radar too soon), and while I tried to warn our CV, well, he failed to listen, got nuked, and left us with no CV. We managed to win (Teamwork defending each other from air attacks till our DD's/cruisers punched through and sunk their CV) though. Happens pretty often because not only do CV's get rewarded poorly for spotting anyway, but despite "Mobility" and speed, they have a very short spotting range against a DD with half a brain to turn AA off and can miss it because the planes don't fly over the exact center of the Grid square it's in - assuming he has the planes to spare and isn't stuck in a micromanaging strafe war to try and not lose all his fighters/planes (yet again, reasons strafe needs to be fixed).
  • Sniping - Even with AA and DF AA at that tier, still happens. Too many CV players park behind an island which, is a nice inviting target to just manual drop into oblivion once DF AA is over. Or they have the misfortune that even though they survive the snipe attempt being spotted BB/cruisers finish them off. Citadels can do a ton of damage as can fire.
  • Detonation - yeah, happens to CV's too.


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You mean a single pair of difficult to play ships dictating the entire flow of battle for every other player in game and almost single handedly dictating who wins or loses?

What could possibly be wrong with that?

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8 hours ago, WanderingGhost said:

Detonation - yeah, happens to CV's too.

Nope, cvs cant detonate.

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Yea, when there is a Midway in the game, 23 people in that game loose.

When there are two Midways in the game 22 people in that game loose.

Quitting to port and taking the AFK penalty seems like a better and better option.

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5 hours ago, HyenaHiena said:

but thats battleship tag not cv tag...

True, but anyone who achieves the top emblem in a BB AND has progressed to T10 CVs is, in all liklihood, going to be a better pick than someone who hasn't even updated their patch.  

Granted, there are many good players out there that don't participate in the emblem/patch process at all.  So it is by no means a given outcome.  But...in this case....definitely so. 


For grins, I looked them up.  First is total games/WR. Second is Midway games/WR

My team CV captain:  8000/43%   202/38%

Other team CV captain:  6000/64%   126/66%



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