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Lego Swedish STRV 74 Tank

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Okay, I know I promised that the last one was the final Lego tank I'd be posting, but this truly is it - especially after the absolute nightmare I went through cobbling this thing together. The STRV 74 is an oddball to begin with - a blimp-like oversized turret set on top of a reused STRV 42 frame with new internals - and I knew I had my work cut out for me with that damned weird looking emplacement (which, I admit, is what drew me to it from the start - as soon as I saw this thing in WoT, I knew I would be building it).

But this vehicle was just awful from start to finish: first I got it too short, then I got it too wide, so I had to break the model into sections to rectify those issues. And, of course, there was the turret to deal with - that took hours to finally achieve something I feel like is both robust enough to build and resembles (though it could never be perfect) the real thing. And yes, I am aware that the main gun is lacking its peculiar "beak" shield, but I have a part that I believe will work in that spot, it just can't be forced there in the LDD version.





Lego Model:





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That'd be one hell of a bouncy turret nose-on

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For all of time that it took and all of the issues you were describing, You did an amazing job with this!!

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