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Just a few suggestions

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Just some minor ideas I had (as a BB player). I know some of these sorts of topics get outlandish and generate a lot of hate mail, so Ill try to keep the suggestions under control:Smile_Default: Please try to stay 'constructive' at least!


  • You should be able to lock direction for individual turrets. Kinda like the ctrl X or the shift X function, but for individual turrets. Say Im against an island or in a position where enemies could come at me from two sides. I would want my turrets to be already aimed at the spot. As of now I have to guess which side and let my rear turrets flop about and be useless. Or even when I am bow tanking, and I want my rear turret to face right, but my target goes .001 degrees to the left of my bow and the rear turret starts to traverse. Would be nice to lock that turret to the right. Yes, the controls would be kinda crazy, but I think it would be a nice option to add
  • I feel like catapult planes don't do too much. Sure, a fighter is nice if a CV hits you with every squad on board, and a spotter plane might help land one overpen from 25km away, but for the majority of games (specifically non CV games), Planes dont do a whole lot for me imo. Would it screw balance that hard if we could direct a spotter plane to stay on this bearing of my ship so that he could spot torpedoes? Right now if I feel there might be torps in the water Ill send up a plane so he MIGHT spot the torps. Would be nice if I could tell him where to go (within reason of course) Just a thought!
  • I always thought it would be cool to give BBs (and/or cruisers) a third type of ammo for the main guns that functions as an AA battery. Kinda Like the Japanese beehive rounds, but I'm sure that is a big nono
  • Another cool thought would be to be able to customize your secondary loadout. Have like a CV where you can pick different setups and go from there. That way if I want to use AP for secondaries I can, or have a bunch of small HE spammers for fire starting... Then again, thats just throwing all balance out the window, so I guess not.


Gonna quit while Im ahead lol:Smile_teethhappy: Just some ideas Ive had from playing in randoms, I know its never gonna happen, but there is nothing wrong with fantasies!



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1 - Why not


2 - No.  The current planes can easily spot an entire torps volley in less than 1 sec which is stupid. IRL Maybe it worked like that but torps already have so many counter between Vigilence skill, Hydro and planes. 


3 - AA shell can be an alternative of Defensive fire. You either defend yourself from aircraft by boosting your AA ship capability or you destroy the squadron before they come closer by loading AA shell. It can be a good addition but I wonder how you can balance this thing


4 - Deciding what secondaries should shoot can be an option, especially for 100mm secondaries where you can't pen anything with HE unless you use IFHE. Changing them to fire AP can be a good alternative

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