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The Bestest chat and dare I say team in the history of WoWs

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Feast your eyes on the great team RNGesus decided to bestow upon me a couple of days ago, full of helpful advice and most importantly top notch combat awareness.

Getting started in Neighbors Standard, I couldn't believe my luck until after a few minutes.

Time to move onto the context of our story and pictures however. Here you can witness our CV satisfied with our opponents using their consumables correctly.



After a few minutes, our base started getting capped, so because I had low hp I requested assistance in preventing this. Our friendly Sims valiantly agreed!




After a bit, with the cap imminent I decided to attack the enemy Leningrad and at least get a reset and soften him up for the whooping our Sims would surely deliver. ALAS! Our Hero the Sims, being a tactical genius and knowing that just stopping the cap would not improve our situation, decided to proceed with a plan which will be written in the an(n)als of history itself! By capturing the enemy base you are actually decapping your own. I never thought I would live to see the day that such a genius stratagem would be employed!


Here you can observe the tactical genius of the Sims in pursuing the cap along with our buddy the CV. You can check between the two pictures above the perilous journey he undertook to secure the victory. In fact, he and the CV joined forces in showing the BB the error of his ways by not rushing into a cap while surrounded by enemies. This is true comradeship!


And this is the story of the bestestest chat and team I have seen since the dawn of WoWs. Although we lost, after the battle I decided to employ the same strategy the Sims did (decapping by capping). I therefore exhausted all my reports on both the paragons of teamwork and politeness, in an effort to compliment them. Sadly I did not succeed in getting these two demigods the rewards they deserve :Smile_smile:.

Thank you for reading and also thank you WG for not popping up an ingame survey asking how satisfied I was with the battle I had. I would have probably eaten my PC.


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I'm a carrier, I will almost always let you know what I am doing and if I can support you. I can only guarantee you enemy intel before we are spotted.

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