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Tried to play today Tuesday 10 April 2215 NA server and again Wednesday 11 April 0125 and had to log because the lag was terrible. I had lag spikes up to 700 ping, FPS as low as 8. I rubber banded all game. Finally I had to log both times, as the game IS unplayable in it's current condition. I don't know what the problem is, but everyone says it's the server and I believe it. I wasn't the only player to have lag issues, a carrier in a game reported 1000 ping. Hope you guys investigate because the game isn't playable.

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I experienced a couple of nasty lagspikes; one completely threw off my aim, but it beats the lag over days which was fixed in that last patch, and they gave us 3 days of premium to boot.

Overall, minimum lag. I can live with it.

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