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Has anyone taken a Myers-Briggs test? Which personality types do you think are more likely to excel at this game and similar games?

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Just out of curiosity, has anyone taken a Myers Briggs test? Which personality types do you think are more likely to succeed in this game and games like this one? I am an INFP 4 wing 5, and I can tell you that I struggle with many aspects of games like WOWS and including WOWS. It's my first serious shooting game and I have trouble with the genre, due to being overwhelmed easily. I tend to be a reserved, slow, and deep kind of person that has trouble making quick decisions requiring reflexes, while at the same time, I also have trouble PLANNING ahead, likely due to my Perceiving. Intuition means I am good at speculating and imagining future trends, and I love to fantasize indeed, but that does not equate to making solid plans requiring lots of strategy.

   In many ways I'm basically a textbook INFP, and I often feel how strong my dominant Fi (Introverted Feeling) is. If you're all about outwardly expressing your feelings and talking about your feelings, perhaps you're more Fe (Extroverted Feeling). I tend to keep to myself and not reveal too much until I know someone well, but there are times when I'm desperate to share my feelings for the sake of it. It's contradictory, isn't it? I like quiet time and can't handle being in a group for too long, because it's a suppression of my individuality. Big gatherings are situations I'd avoid at all costs. I feel really disenfranchised in many ways when it comes to the 'modern' world, because many of my core values are in contrast to modern life's emphasis on work, business, productivity, taxes / bills etc. I'm often called 'childish' or 'naive', and I used to be deeply hurt by others' inability to really try to know me and my insights, and now I still am, but I'm gradually accepting the fact that most people will never have a deep connection with me, and I don't need social interaction that much with the exception of a select few individuals I'm comfortable with. Growing up, I've never really had many friends of my age. Even as a child, I often preferred to spend time around adults rather than peers, and I would join in 'adult' conversations. I come from a background of both emotional abuse and neglect, but what has surprised the few individuals to have known me well is that I have such a strong internal moral compass despite the lack of good role models around me.

   Growing up in an overseas Asian (Chinese) community has been tough for me in many ways. Though I was never subjected to the stereotypical 'tiger parenting' (which I feel does not apply to many parents in mainland China), I felt that what I valued (value) is so at odds with the 'mainstream' values of Chinese immigrants in North America. I often found myself 'bow-tanking' values such as conspicuous consumerism, careerism, and a great emphasis on money, gossip, and 'education'. It's become worse in recent years as more and more have immigrated to Vancouver from the mainland, with most of these immigrants settling in Richmond. I only desire a simple, peaceful, and quiet life with a wife and a small family, and perhaps a few friends. I may very well return to a smaller place in China two years from now, and I'm not sure if I will be able to keep playing on the NA server.

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15 minutes ago, Zionas said:

Just out of curiosity, has anyone taken a Myers Briggs test? Which personality types do you think are more likely to succeed in this game and games like this one?

I've taken the test on multiple occasions and I'm very firmly in my ISTP, but on one occasion scored an INTJ. Anyway, as far as MBTI is concerned, it gives you a very rough idea of your decision-making process. Yes, it is an introspective test, it's just meant for yourself to see how your perception and thinking patterns work. Also in some occasions it can hep with working with other people when you know what their personality type is and, for example, in what way they would like information to be presented to them. But that's the extent of it's usefulness, just like IQ it's been overused and is utilized way outside it's scope. 

There are no "good" and "bad" personality types in MBTI, they are just different. There are some limited correlation with, for example, ISTJs being good at engineering roles, but the evidence is limited and not very reliable. There's been plenty of artists with that personality type. In the end, you can't use MBTI to predict how well a person will do in WoWs or whether or not they will like the game at all; E's may enjoy divisioning and clan battles, Is may love quiet solo play to take their mind of things after a hard day, Ss may like to have all legal mods installed to get all available information ready for them, Ns may enjoy playing torpedo boats and guessing where that target ship may turn next and then sending out deadly salvoes of fish and so on and so forth.

I see it a lot in trainees at my job who go through mandatory MBTI course and get so excited about it, since they feel like the world has suddenly become so much simpler, but that wears off quickly. MBTI, once again can't and shouldn't be used to predict success in a certain field of work or entertainment. If you're struggling with the game, the best course of action is to identify areas that you struggle with and try to get better by practicing and watching videos by community contributors. Maybe think of what ship type suits you better. If you struggle with planning ahead, maybe BBs or RN cruisers are not good for you, but soviet DDs should be right up your alley.

And remember that your personality type is not fixed, it changes throughout your life, so if you put your head to it and try to improve in the areas you might be lacking, that in a few years you might get something entirely different.

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A few times, but only constants are "Introvert" and "Perceiving". Though, thing is that "Normally" I fall into "INFP" slightly more often I can, for lack of a better set of phrasing, turn off things like emotions, personal preference, and to a lesser extent morals - which is part of why I did well in business class, which leans more toward "ISTP". Though I can also put on a slightly more extroverted facade for work. Depending on the scenario, what I fall under at the time changes. It's part of why sure, I could go with the crowd saying to just nerf AA and DD's, all those things because I love CV's and BB's, they are my favourite ships. But I can turn that off and look more objectively and see that while yes, Some buffs are need to CV's and both they and BB's need fire to be less effective - they could use some nerfs as well. My thing is that they should be the right nerfs, which is why of late my outbursts have been a bit less measured and rational because Wargaming does literally the opposite of that to a mind warping degree. Case in point removing 40 aircraft from Midway after nerfing it's fighters a tier when the problem is better solved first by nerfing fighters the RIGHT way - keep tier even with IJN, lower USN's DPS some, raise IJN's DPS slightly, increase USN ammo and if the current issue were to persist then the answer is remove I believe it was 23 planes from Midway (to 113) or add 21 to Hak (121) to give them the same ratio of total squadron refills.


The same "switch" applies ingame as well, and there is a difference, particularly in CV play. Aside from "Fairness" crossing over, when I play with a mindset more set toward "INFP" depending highly on my opponent I can do well or horrid usually early, because my personal values and views are that Strafing and Manual drop are broken mechanics border-lining on unfair exploits. And so I will at least at first typically avoid them, unless attacking a ship in smoke due to having no other way to attack them. Should the other player willing or not play the same way, it is to me far more fun. It's about who picks battles and positions better, not who presses alt to delete all the planes barring RNG trolling, and about who can better coordinate attacks and lead a target and predict the enemy ships movements to hit at auto drop range as opposed to point blank. But, then if I encounter someone not playing like that or just not in a good mood and therefore start out with it - I tend to do a lot better because I'm going with the reality of he situation, the facts, and putting aside my values and leaving it to the cold hard fact that I delete those planes, they are no longer a threat, and I've played since Alpha, manual drop for me at least is almost no skill it's muscle memory, and can ram 4, 6, 8, 12 torps into a ship and obliterate it, and if it somehow survives, manual drop with the DB's as well.


The rest however, is a crap shoot. Honestly could there be some effect in terms of gameplay and learning abilities - yes. But I think a bigger thing and issue is more how various people learn and at this time - the game can't really accommodate all the ways people learn. CV's are the biggest one. Especially with awful mechanics like strafe and manual drop for some players there NEEDS to be an interactive tutorial - show and do, like in tanks and at one time at least Warplanes. Not everyone can learn from watching video's, not everyone is like me where you toss them in the deep end and they figure it out. 

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2 hours ago, Zionas said:

Just out of curiosity, has anyone taken a Myers Briggs test?

Can't we just shoot each other and have fun?

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interesting to see this on the forums. i have a friend who is obsessed with guessing and checking what personality types people are. She had me and my wife do it at least 3 times. 

every time i got INTJ-A, which is the Architect. i must say that most of what it says about me is pretty accurate, however there are some things i feel are a bit off the mark. 

as far as it relates to this game? well, the test says im assertive, prefer thinking and show initiative. what i think that translates into in game is im always at the front, pushing aggressively (often too much) and always trying to think "ok, what could i be doing better". thats just me. doesn't necessarily translate into being a good or bad player though, in my opinion. 

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Type Frequency in Population  
ISFJ 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   13.8%
ESFJ 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   12.3%
ISTJ 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   11.6%
ISFP 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   8.8%
ESTJ 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   8.7%
ESFP 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   8.5%
ENFP 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   8.1%
ISTP 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   5.4%
INFP 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   4.4%
ESTP 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   4.3%
INTP 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   3.3%
ENTP 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   3.2%
ENFJ 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   2.5%
INTJ 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   2.1%
ENTJ 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   1.8%
INFJ 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif 5x7-BlackRectangle.gif   1.5%


According to at least one test, I am apparently INTJ.

It's interesting that the "good careers" section of the results said that the natural sciences were a good choice for an INTJ because that was what I did for much of my life.

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Whenever I did the test I came up as the very common ISFJ. So I'm introverted and like time alone or in small groups. I think a lot of my traits make games of a single player or sandbox/open world nature the best for me. I love having a 'to-do list' of sorts to work through in a game. I find repetitive tasks, even difficult ones, very relaxing. Collecting things in Assassin's Creed or in The Witcher series are some of my favorite things weirdly, but I also really love playing games with others online for short periods of time. I would play WoWs, Overwatch and Monster Hunter World with friends on a semi-regular basis.

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