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WoWs 4k Ui scaling needed

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Hopefully this is the right place to post this, first post on the forums, never felt I needed to add any input until now. Anyways I was browsing the forums looking for a way to adjust my Ui's scale and it turns out there isn't anyway to do it with out modding. :fish_panic:  I am currently forced to play at 2048x1152 as any higher resolution reduces the Ui to an unreadable state. My computer has a Native 4k display, the only one I have. I tried to login on that discussion to add my hand to the vote for getting the Ui scaling implemented, however it appears that thread is no longer active or was removed.  So I am starting another discussion to keep reminding Wargaming that plenty of active users want ui scaling regardless of their display size, resolution, or aspect ratio.  I am annoyed:Smile_facepalm: to see that despite multiple forum post over the past 2 years, each being pages long, that Wargaming still see this simple fix as a problem for another day. Admittedly I am not a coder nor do I posses a terribly deep knowledge of what it takes to change this sort of thing in a game, however I know the devs are, and they do. Their responses are ambiguous:Smile_amazed: and rare, it seems they are more worried about developing content for people to waist money:Smile_coin: on than devoting a week to adding a feature that would be appreciated :Smile_great:  by many in the community. This sort of attitude toward the hands that feed isn't a good way to keep a game afloat. :cap_fainting:I Love the game, I'd love it a lot more in 4k though.  Please add your opinions,:Smile_izmena:  if we keep addressing this they will have to do something eventually.

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oh i totally agree. while armored warfare has a nice UI % bar you can use to make the UI smaller or bigger depending on preference, WoWS has nothing and im playing at 3840x2160 or even 4096x2160

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