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Idea: Linked and limited commanders

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I don't want to call this a proposal, but more of an idea.  The concept is to introduce, not as a replacement for existing commanders or the existing commander system, but as a supplementary second type of commander, captains with certain restrictions.  Linked and/or limited commanders would have one or more of the following characteristics:

a) They could have a skill cap LESS than 19 points - on the other hand, they would begin to earn elite captain xp once reaching their skill cap;

b) They could have their specialization hard coded to a specific ship;

c) They could be undismissable from a specific ship - so in other words, that ship would only be playable with that commander.


OK, so why would one want such a thing?



1) Enable the return of certain OP ships.  Part of what makes OP premiums OP is the ship, of course, but it doesn't help that they are usually played with  high skill captains.  But what if WG brought Kamikaze, or Belfast, back to the shop - but newer owners had to buy them with an undissmissable captain capped at 9 points?  Or Kutuzov with a 10 point captain (choose CE or IFHE, but not both)?  A tradeoff of access and limitations.

2) Democratize the capacity to earn elite captain xp.  I have the impression that Space Battles are really popular for players without 19-pt captains, and thus without a regular way to earn elite captain xp.  Linked or limited commanders could create the possibility for WG to give away (via missions or campaigns) some elite xp earning potential to these players without completely negating the work more experienced players have put in to grind captains up.  So imagine, for example, a campaign that yielded a Japanese/French/German/whatever captain capped at 9 points - he could be assigned anywhere, and would generate elite xp, but of course would have play disadvantages relative to a higher-skill commander.  Or even a campaign that would yield a 19-point commander - but he would be hard coded to the Omaha, Emerald, or similar not-exactly-OP ship (if you want to go clubbing in those, be my guest)?


Of course this would all have to be communicated somehow, but it seems to me that WG is already on a pathway of complexifying the simplicity of the commander system with legendary commanders and the like.  What do you think?


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