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Mac OS - Game Crashes at Start Up

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Hi guys,

I finally got world of warships installed thanks to some help from wargaming; and everything runs fine EXCEPT when I go to load into a game.  I click the "battle" button it starts to load and when it gets to the screen to start the battle my system crashes and it returns to the desktop.

I have looked around the forums for advice but haven't come across this issue yet.

Am I doing something wrong?

MacBook Pro High Sierra 3.1 Ghz 8 Gig ram and Intel Graphics 650 1536 Mb ram

Any help would be appreciated. 

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It is a Wargaming issue since the problem as been wide spread at tines. If it crashes at start of battke since you are using a Mac hold down Command, Option, ESC Keys. This will bring up Force Quit menu so quickly for Quit the game then immediately reopen it and you can usually get to the battke within 2 minutes from the crash if all goes well.

Hopefully Wargaming figures out how to patch the crash bugs, but pretty sure more than 1 bug causing the issues so taking them some time to fix them.

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