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Difference in the various DD lines

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Just curious, could anyone give a various rundown of the various DD lines.


I love the idea behind DD's but tend to suck at them.  I've gone down the jpn line, at tier 5 atm.  Know they suck at shooting but have high stealth and good torps, where as, say, the americans, have unreliable torps (such short range, at least at low tier) but if done right can sneak up and rip people to shreds with their guns... if you play them right.


However, the other DD lines.  german, russian, confuse me.  The russians look like 'ok' guns but not great, and like, zero range torps.. and the germans.. i'm only at the tier 3 but the torp layout seems like 'kamakazie charge, dump torps, run away'.


But thats just 'a quick glance'.. anyone who's actually played these lines able to give better definitions of them?

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Generally speaking:

Japanese -  mostly stealthy torpedo boats with the exception of Akizuki being a decent gunboat at cost of a torpedo launcher.

US - lower tiers are gun boats with mediocre stealth and ok torpedoes until tier 8. Tier 8 and up are gun boats with good stealth and good torpedoes.  High tiers also have access to AA defense consumable.

Russian - Fast gun boats all the way with poor stealth. Base turret traverse is crappy until high tiers.  Torpedoes are powerful but short range, useful for ambushing, torping into smoke and if you get into a brawl range with a enemy ship.   Speedy mini-cruisers is a fair description of them.

German - Lower tiers are torpedo boats with decent guns that change to balanced ships at high tiers. Compared to US DDs - they have slightly worse concealment, worse gun DPM but better gun performance, and worse maneuverability for turning, but have more health to comparable tiers.They have the quickest base torpedo reload and access to hydroaccustic at higher tiers

Pan-Asia - mishmash of ships with varying characteristics due to the ships originating from other nations - lower tiers are balanced, mid tiers are Russian gun boats and high tiers are US DDs.  Their unique trait as a line is deepwater torpedoes and access radar at high tiers

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With the exception of Atkazuki, Yugamo and shimmy, IJN are terrible boats to mediocre. 

Mostly they are torp boats with bad guns and torpedoes seen from space.

Russians are mostly fast gun boats.

US are gunboat with short torpedoes until Gearing.

Germans up to tier 7 are situational torp boats with ok guns. Tier 8 and up are exceptional gunboat with good torpedoes and hydro.

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most DD line characteristic are not really obvious until Tier 8

IJN : generally the most stealthy line (exept Akizuki, Akatsuki). Hard hitting torp with great flood chance, but they got spot easily. Trollish gun that have relatively flat arc and decent alpha damage / the more trollish 100mm gun that do low alpha damage but high ROF. have access to Torp reload booster but force you to give up smoke (exept Akizuki / the up coming Asashio)

They are on the slower side in terms of speed, but have good rudder. They also have the lowest HP pool (exept Akizuki). They are imo the best in a kiting game style and best scout.


USN : generally 2nd stealthy, nice torp with great damage just behind IJN, and they are harder to spot. guns have good rotation speed as well as ROF. but the arc is so high many players struggle to hit enemy DD beyond 7.5km. They have access to AA consumable but give up speed boost for that (exept Kidd) and they have the longest smoke duration time tier for tier.

They are about the same speed as the IJN but have even better rudder / turning radius. The have just a slightly higher HP pool than IJN. They are imo the best in a brawling game style / friendly support.


German: Very close concealment behind USN. quickest base torp reload and pretty hard to spot. but each torp do lower alpha damage. Guns have meh alpha damage on HE, but somehow good fire chance, and they have best DD AP. ROF is decent, and shell arc is easy to get used to. High tier have access to Hydro and counter smoke DD hard. tho they have shortest smoke duration of all DD

They generally have higher speed than IJN, but rather slow rudder and larger turning circle. They have good HP pool for DD. They are imo the best in area contest.


Russian:  They are the least stealthy, short range torp. tho their torp do have good concealment and do decent damage. guns have about the same ROF as the german but have flatter arc makes them even easier to hit shot. and their HE do good alpha damage as well. many of them have dark technology such as very high speed engine / come out from no where AA power. High tier one also access to Heal but give up smoke if choosen to do so.

They are the speed boat but have worse rudder and largest turning circle. They have crazy amount of HP especially pair with heal. They are imo the best at being an annoying fly and mid - long range fun fight


Pan-Asian: This line is a mixed of IJN, USN, German, and UK. deep water torp is their gimmick that are hardest to spot but can't do damage to DD with them. other characteristic are close to their original model, so this line differ a lot.

High tier one have access to Radar and is just as trollish as german hydro (but shorter duration). They are imo the best at torping BB

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