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best use of commander XP and Upgrades

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Trying to find the best use for my commander XP and ship upgrades. I can find some info (on wiki wargaming) on what skill, modules, and flags offer stacking bonus when used together, but I can't find anywhere for the captain skill Basics Of Survivability and ship upgrade Damage Control System Modification 2.

Each offer a 15% bonus to putting out fires and floods, the question is when combined do they offer greater than 15% and if so how much. Otherwise it is obviously a better idea to use only one of these and find a better use for the 3 captain skill points or the ship upgrade slot.

if anyone knows the answer to this question I for one will be quite grateful.


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Best usage of ECxp is for acquiring your first 19, then others until you've got 1 for every major nation you play. Or at the very least, your favorite ship per nation. 

If you're talking about points spending on skills solely then it is highly dependent on Ship Type. In which case things like DCM2 + BoS is great for "buff stacking" likewise Vig + TASM1 (if you're hard enough to skip CSM1) or PremCons + SI.

Other things that are less used that stack together are the Consumable CD reducers. Signals, JoaT, HA (high alert), all these reduce CDs on consumables. Combine that with PremCons and SI and you've got a ship with incredibly high utility. 

I'd almost argue the utility of JoaT, HA combined with Signals, SI, PremCons AND BoS + DCM2 is a more "Balanced" Survivability Build thanks to the utility it offers in comparison to a FP (fire prevention) survivability build. But I say "Almost" because if you're grabbing the above skills and modules, the opportunity to pick FP is still available at the option to NOT select something like AFT, CE, RDF, or MFC.

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