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Changes / Re-Works / Balance

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Here is a list of things I believe WoWs would benefit from greatly. So obviously some of this is going to be touchy subjects because there are certain groups here who are mains for single ship types.
All of these changes, coming together, would promote far more balanced gameplay and a much more enjoyable/smooth match flow.

1.) New game mode
- Add a new game mode (ex: domination) For all intents and purposes I will just call it " Four Winds".
- Same map rotation. Cap zones on each of the four corners of the map.
- Cap ownership is not constant. All caps start at zero, and reach 100% as per normal rate as current game modes. However, if no one is present on the cap, the cap resets.
- Being Hit or otherwise taking damage whilst in a cap does not effect the cap %
- Each team starts with full points. Instead of caps generating points, it bleeds points from the other team (so does killing)

2.) Carrier Re-work
- All stats between nations that have carriers are now mirrored (see homogenization). This means HP, speed, damage, etc etc of everything for the CVs across each tier are the same. Plane stats, all the same.
- Reduce the damage of each strike aircraft and fighters greatly. (25% to 40%)
- Remove the "hangar size" stat.
- Plane squadron availability is now infinite, rather than finite, but still has cooldowns. A CV now can no longer be render "useless" in a match by essentially running out of planes.
- National flavor now limited to:
             USN: Access to AP DB  (must still choose between AP or HE)
              IJN: Access to DWT TB (must still choose between DWT or regular torps)
              KM: Access to AP and HE DB combo (Doesn't get torps but can have both HE and AP DBs at any given time)

3.) Radar fix
- Radar duration increased by 15s to all ships where applicable (except MO) 
- Radar is now a pulse rather than a flat buff to assured acquisition.  1 pulse every second for duration.
- Any target struck by radar is hit with a 100% concealment de-buff that lasts 0.5s.
- The pulse now performs a collision (LoS) check. AKA will not go through islands.
- Any target hit by a radar pulse that would not otherwise be revealed, that also remains in the pulse area of effect will essentially "go dark" (be re-concealed) for the 0.5s before the pulse re-applies and after the previous debuff ends.

4.) Battleship balance
- The sigma for all Battleships for every tier, every nation is now reduced by 25%.   EX: Yamato sigma from 2.1  to 1.55.
- Damage Control Party (BB only) duration increased by 20s for every nation  (immunity from fires and flooding)  EX: Montana with premium DCP would have 40s duration (immunity time) and 80s cooldown. 20s/80s currently.

5.) Destroyer balance
- For all T6 and above destroyers with only one torpedo choice researchable (that isn't DWT already): that torpedo choice is now changed to BB+CV only DWT. 
- For all T6 and above destroyers with multiple torpedo choices researchable:  the default torpedo choice is now changed to BB+CV only DWT
- For all torpedoes that are changed in this regard to DWT that were not DWT already, have their spread over distance reduced by 10%. All other stats remain the same.
- For all torpedoes that remain non-DWT, will have their spread over distance increased by 25%. All other stats remain the same.

The above changes will make a more consistent Rock-Paper-Scissors environment, at the same time adding more skill to the environment by making hard counters a little softer. Thanks for reading.

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39 minutes ago, kruppw said:

Rock-Paper-Scissors environment

This is the primary flaw with the game if that is still WGs underlying methodology, in my opinion. Rock-paper-scissors (3), DD/CA-CL/BB/CV (4).

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1 minute ago, Wye_So_Serious said:

This is the primary flaw with the game if that is still WGs underlying methodology, in my opinion. Rock-paper-scissors (3), DD/CA-CL/BB/CV (4).

No the real problem with the game first and foremost is it encompasses elements from all different balance paths. Its not even full circle Rock-Paper-Scissors atm.  Radar is a DD hard counter but DDs do not have a hard counter for BBs, just as an example.

The original RPS design for this game in beta was  DD> BB > CA > DD.   That is X Hard counters Y which hard counters Z which hard counters X.  CVs on the other hand were supposed to be jack of all trades, master of none, ergo soft counter everyone.

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Wait, what? Hell no to all of these. I don't think you really understand how balance works, mate. Let's break it down.

1) This game mode is a no go from the start. The devs have tried to reduce camping, not increase it. Also, because most cap circles are wide open internally, forcing ships to stay in the cap or immediately lose it means that ships will have to sit still or turn slowly in circles, making them ridiculously easy targets. The only ships that *might* have a chance to make this work are DDs due to their concealment, but then you'd be forcing DDs to enter a cap and sit in it doing nothing all game. This suggested game mode would be absolutely no fun for anyone playing it and would likely cause many players to quit to port the moment they loaded into such a match.

2) While I agree with squadrons being equal size after the rework, making every single ship and plane be exactly the same aside from one or two ammo choices would make it very very boring to grind up a second CV line. People like different ships and planes to have different flavors and feel. Dropping the damage by such a massive amount would make carriers unplayable as they already trade it for long reload times. For every bomber wave ready to strike at a ship, a battleship has had a chance to fire four or five times. Reducing carrier damage that much would basically make ALL carrier players stop playing carriers. Period. Also, the hangar capacity and plane loss is a necessary risk vs reward balancing mechanic since the carriers themselves are rarely spotted and hence rarely neutralized.

3) Uhm ... what? You want radar to pulse in exchange for longer duration? That's just silly, mate. Trying to aim at something that blinks in and out twice a second is impossible and would be incredibly frustrating. Especially given the current game mechanics have it so that it takes a full second to render a ship when spotted. This is by far the worst suggestion of the mix. Also, the seeing through mountains bit has been rehashed over and over and over already.

4) You clearly don't have any idea of how sigma works as a balancing mechanic, do you. Dropping Yamato's sigma to 1.55 would the ship completely unplayable. Dropping every one else's sigma by such a huge amount would mean battleship shells, which already suffer from long reloads and massive dispersion, would pretty much miss everything unless they all close into super brawling range of which only the German line can do reliably. Also, DCP lasting longer is actually more of a nerf than buff since your version of DCP would still be on cooldown when the next torp wave comes.

5) DWTs are a balancing mechanic. They are essentially weaker than regular torps since you can't torp other DDs in smoke. And your suggestion is even worse since even pan-asian DWTs can hit cruisers ... and in exchange, they get the best smoke in the game or can equip radar, the only DDs in the game that can do that other than the Black, a DD that is super hard to get. So if you want to force other DDs to use them, you'd have to rebalance it all from scratch. Not gonna happen. The only DD potentially in game with BB-CV only DWTs is the Asashio, and most supertesters and community contributors are vehemently opposed to this ship being released as is.


Just out of curiousity, are you a cruiser main? Cause pretty much every suggestion listed here is a nerf to all ship types other than cruisers.

Edited by KaptainKaybe

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13 minutes ago, KaptainKaybe said:


Just out of curiousity, are you a cruiser main? Cause pretty much every suggestion listed here is a nerf to all ship types other than cruisers.

Pegged it one.

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