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Need Help with game Rendering?

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So, for a while now I have been having problems with rendering I believe, 

It is really weird and I don't know if its my computer or the game, I have tried Reinstalling twice now, still not working. Also the voice over is freaking out, Don't know if it's related to the problem.

I do not believe it is the graphics card for WOWS is the only game that has a problem... And it was working fine up until now!


If any of you can help me out that would be great, I am really missing this game!

Oh P.s. This also happens in the match too, I can see under the water and into the void, With the terrain down there too... Its strange


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Have you tried running the corrupted file scanner from the login screen? Just an idea...

If that doesn't work, submit a ticket. WG will then send a link for a program that checks your files. They will then instruct you to send the results back to them for analysis. Follow the steps.

If that doesn't work, then perhaps ask again in the forums. Someone more knowledgeable about computers might be able to help you.

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