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Hello all (sort of)

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well after some time I am playing/posting "again"  
I see new things abound and wonder mostly right now about the cruiser split.... I have a Phoenix on this act and wonder what to expect/do about it... 
It is complicated but at least I am back...


So far my fav ship has to be the Italian BB I just apparently "GOT" in my port a few weeks ago, tier five bad [edited]BB with pretty accurate guns..

I wonder who will recognizes me and who I will see in game once I get to that number of games (If I continue) I need to get to see my old "buddies"

I am also  trying to figure something out......
What Lines would you grind up if you had to do it all over again...

For example ONE DD line... RU? IJN? USN??
Cruiser?? (yeah German cause HINDY)
BB?? german or YAMATO
Curious what you guys would do...



oh yeah, INBOX me if you "see" something and want to ask me....:Smile_hiding:


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Hmmm I know that face from somewhere.

DD: IJN if the buffs come through, or RU anyway

CA: Russian unless you like squatting in smoke and shelling hapless victims (RN), Germans always good--Roon and Hindenburg are stellar

BB: German or Brit or RN (really depends on your play style), but I am really enjoying the French; mind you I love the Iowa and just got the mighty Montana so...

Fair seas mate!

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Hello and welcome back to WoWs! :Smile_honoring:

A number of players/posters are recommending to get the tier VI Cleveland before the U.S. cruiser split happens as you will get the tier VIII version of the Cleveland and the tier VI Pensacola that will take it's place. And also having the Omaha with about 30-40 K xp on it will likely allow you to unlock the tier VI Dallas as well.

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