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Problem Solving and WG

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So, have you ever seen something with the game that is just ludicrous and needs to be fixed.  Well, I can assure you that WG is looking into resolving the problem and taking actions to fix these issues.  A little background on Russian mentality.  Many here might think it bias, but it is really a psychology and a different perspective.  Here is a breakdown for fixing and addressing issues with products and associated issues.

1.  Working as intended.

2.  Small problem.  This again is working as intended and small problems are not really a problem.  

3.  Big Problem.  Now this is a problem.  How to fix it? Ah yes, break it down into many smaller problems and it is... no problem and working as intended.

Example of small problem:  Glitches that cause the occasional game crash.  These can easily be attributed to a variety of factors such as a player's computer or internet connection.  So it is easily shrugged off and no problem because the game is working as intended.

An example of a major problem might be that a single ship is overpowered and overly dominate at its tier.  Well, you need to break it down to a bunch of smaller problems such as the rate of fire is strong, it has good radar, hydro, and smoke.  All of these are small problems that make the ship a big problem.  But, if we just focus on the small problems, then the ship is working as intended.  Therefore there is no problem!  In fact, sell it because it is going to make a lot of money and we all know money is always balans in the bank comrade!

Anyone who disagrees will go straight to gulag!


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couple of thoughts that spring to mind, inspired by the OPs post :

CV UI bugs, you would think that the client cancelling attack/strafe orders without player input or smoke/LOS effect, a big urgent issue to address. Silly me.

recent fps bug (which many of us understood to be a flash UI bag from the start, and which affected not only WOWS, but other WG products too). WG released a video which tried to bury this reality in a noble tale of heroic coders working round the clock for weeks in end to narrow down the issue to interface matters that required an assembly of all 4500 WG employees in St Petersburg and a roast turkey..

Oh crap, I'm being overly cynical, aren't I?

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