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1) Normandie camo - what (if any) will the XP (of any sort) and/or credit benefits be? Details seem to be lacking. Will they follow by Friday? Or do we have to win it to see what's in it?

2) Varyag - what I've picked up indicates that she's a ship to be won rather than merely bought, but from what date? (I am guessing after the Normandie camo thing finishes). And what do we have to do to win her? Details to follow, I suppose. What I've seen indicates that she's a St Louis clone with 6-inch guns and a fairly notable 3-inch secondary armament. As a Tier 3 premium my guess is that, like the Vampire, she will come with a 6-point captain - in which case, PT, LS, DE because the main guns can't use BFT.

That being said, given the secondary armament, it will be interesting to see what my BFT/AFT-specced Svietlana captain does with her.

3) Vaguely-hinted-at Russian captain. How many skill points, does he come with skill buffs, and how do we acquire him? Is he tied to the Varyag?

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