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The USN Standard Type BBs+2nd USN BB Line

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I've never really played a shooting game before this one, and I've naturally lacked the coordination / situational / spatial awareness skills that applies to other areas of life. I chose this game due to being a history buff, which of course includes military history. I still like planes a bit more than ships, but ships are a close second. I've never really been into tanks / armored vehicles or guns. 

   So far, after 3,030 battles, I am light blue according to WT, but I am just an ordinary, average player at best. It's certainly one of the most difficult games I have ever played, and it often overwhelms my senses, and I have never experienced an equal amount of frustration in any other game, but this game is really unique as an outlet for my interests.

     So far I haven't done well in many ships, but among the few ships I have performed decently in are the Standard Type US BBs. They are slow as heck and can really suffer at times, but they combine punch and durability quite well, to a degree I have not found when playing any other nation. Though for some reason they have the lowest averages on WT, I quite like these underdogs and have pulled off some of my best matches to date in the New Mexico and Colorado. According to WT I perform above average in both ships. I have never done nearly as well in the Japanese battleships (except Kongo pre-MM changes), the Germans that everyone says are the easiest to play, nor the British and French.

    Colorado gets a lot of hate but she seems to click with me. She handles exactly the same as the New Mexico but with 16-inch guns. She's more durable than any of the other Tier 7s I have played (the Germans don't have the US damage control and eat lots of penetrations).


   I would really like to see the addition of a second USN BB line, but I am not sure when it would happen, if it ever does. I would imagine Nevada at T5, Pennsylvania at T6, and Tennessee at T7. SD will be at T8 before merging into the Iowa. This will give me more of these short and stout things to play with. 


USS West Virginia needs to be a T7 premium, or as some have suggested, the C Hull for Colorado. Oklahoma can be a T5 premium. Tennessee at T7 would have a small gun caliber, but give it more powerful HE shells (say 35% fire chance?), a 29-second reload, and a 1.9/2.0 sigma (that Arizona originally had). In the mean time, buff NM's sigma to 1.8.

Let me know what your opinions are, and also feel free to critique me as a player based on WT.

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It was the US BB's that showed and taught me how to effectively play a BB. So yes, you picked the best BB line to learn in :Smile_medal: 
Before they decided to protect the low tier in MM, the match ups and battles where much better in my opinion. I never had
or have had any problem with MM of the past. 

Anyway, glad you enjoy this game. Personally I was,  armored vehicles / tanks - planes, then ship's. :Smile_teethhappy:  

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We are  on the cusp of a US cruiser split that has not yet happened and still has some work to be done. I do not think we are likely to see a US battleship split for quite some time, and in any case it is probably more lucrative for WG to release the remaining classes as premiums.

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